Hallam Internet Digital Marketing Map

Hallam Internet have put a modern spin on marketing techniques by combining the iconic design of the 19th century London Underground map with the latest digital practices. The Hallam Internet Digital Marketing Map has made visualising the formula for good practice digital marketing simpler by condensing it into an infographic that celebrates London Underground’s 150th birthday. The map identifies the different strands of online strategy, including link building and social media, reminding us that good practice is as essential now as it was then ‘the Tube’ first made its appearance.

Bad marketing, then and now

As they say, there’s nothing new under the sun. And that is especially true for marketing.  In the same way there were snake oil salesmen long ago, there are still marketers today that you just can’t trust.

Whether sending email spam, or keyword stuffing on your web pages, or buying links from link farms, or fake fans on the social networks, there’s always something nasty going on in the world of marketing.  And this isn’t new; it’s been happening for centuries.

When the London Underground opened in 1863, marketing was dominated by newspaper advertisements, and mass color printing led to posters being placed anywhere and everywhere.

Just as modern day underhanded marketers buy links, or even social media fans, to distort page popularity, 19th century advertisers would often discretely pay journalists for good reviews.

Spammy content employing keyword stuffing isn’t just an internet phenomenon. Newspapers a century and a half ago could become clogged with advertisements that repeated the same phrase for multiple lines to try to grab attention.

Then and now, there are long term benefits to practicing ethical marketing. 19th century law enforcement tried to crack down on repetitive ads that took up valuable newspaper space, as well as bought reviews that devalued the whole reviewing process. Now, Google updates Panda and Penguin reward sites that create compelling copy and receive natural links that reflect real appreciation.