Taking advantage of digital platforms is a major part of lead generation in today’s online world. But with the sheer size of the internet and so many places potential customers can be, it’s important for marketers to narrow down their strategies. Below are a few platforms you might consider starting with to generate paid leads for your business.

What’s one digital platform you’ve had the most success generating paid leads with, and what about it has been so helpful?

1. Reddit

An underrated platform for paid leads is Reddit. Not only can you run ads within dedicated niche communities (subreddits), but you can freely answer questions and offer support. Once you’ve established yourself as an authority within your niche, others can (and will) come to you asking for your professional services. – Amine Rahal, IronMonk Solutions

2. Facebook

There are several other platforms now that will likely be more successful in the coming years, but we’ve had the most success in the past with Facebook, simply because of how easy it is to target and build leads on their platform. They have established themselves through the years with consistent development. – Maria Thimothy, OneIMS

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has always been good to us. We’ve been able to specifically target our audience of potential clients, while also connecting with other professionals who we have then worked with. It has been a big catalyst behind expanding our network and improving our business. – Zach Binder, Bell + Ivy

4. YouTube

If you run a YouTube account for your business, their ads are a great way to target your audience and generate paid leads. As you grow your views, you can also grow your revenue and make a profit from your YouTube channel. – Jared Atchison, WPForms

5. Instagram

I think it’s easier to get good results on Instagram. Instagram is all about creating high-quality visual posts. So if you know how to do that, then you can easily attract customers and then convert them to sales. – Josh Kohlbach, Wholesale Suite

6. Pinterest

Believe it or not, we’ve had tremendous success using paid advertising on Pinterest. The cost per lead is about half of what Facebook is and a quarter of what Google Ads are. This is due to most entrepreneurs not using it as a resource. – Kristin Kimberly Marquet, Marquet Media, LLC

7. Help a Reporter Out

I’ve managed to generate quite a few leads for my business by answering questions on Help a Reporter Out (HARO). You basically answer industry-specific questions, and if your answer gets picked, you appear in the publication. I’ve found that getting featured on other big-name websites results in more prospects. We always see an influx of traffic and leads after a HARO post goes live. – John Brackett, Smash Balloon LLC

8. OptinMonster

One of the best platforms for generating paid leads is OptinMonster. It’s easy to use, comes with a variety of templates and it works well with any type of initiative with just about any email service. It’s also affordably priced. – Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance