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Making a mark in the online marketplace is the dire need of all businesses out there. Regardless of its size, every business must jump upon the digital bandwagon to get more customers through the doors. The number of brick-and-mortar stores converting their status or beefing up their structures with virtual elements is quite surprising.

According to Statista, the number of digital buyers across the globe will reach 1.92 billion in 2019. This equals to a quarter of the world population. Furthermore, the forecast shows that this number will reach 2.14 billion by 2021. Indeed, the market has immense potential. All you need is to craft a digital approach that fulfills the purpose.

When it comes to the purpose or goal, there is one basic aspect that all digital marketing campaigns should cater to. And that is, encouraging the target audience to make a move and increase the leads. There are multiple ways to compel visitors. From website design to content strategy and social media presence, everything contributes to the purpose.

Besides contemporary tools, the use of videos in digital marketing is also expanding. So if you are a newbie or trying to recreate your digital marketing approach, it is important to understand the role played by videos in it. Even though designing a video and incorporating it into your virtual measures may consume more time and resources, it brings awesome rewards. Diode Digital recently found that online video is a 600% more effective marketing tool than print or direct mail combined.

Are you still wondering if you should use videos in your digital marketing approach?

For your insight, here is a list of four reasons to integrate videos into your online marketing approach. Let’s get down to them:

  1. Video boosts conversion

The likelihood of visitors converting into clients increases by 80% if you have video on your landing page. This is because videos are more informing and engaging. They highlight the important factors of the product or service. And they also excel at providing an up-close view of the subject.

Hubspot reports that 97% of marketers believe videos help customers to grasp the products in a better way. Bear in mind that the world where we live is all about instant visual aids. The more videos and graphics on your page, the more are the conversion rates.

  1. Video upgrades your SEO

The latest Google algorithm greatly values the pages which feature videos. According to Google, the websites which have HQ videos tend to outrank some other highly credible websites. However, you must make sure that you are using proper SEO tags and right keywords to secure a position on the high levels of the search grid.

Cisco predicts that consumer-oriented video traffic will dominate other types of internet traffic by 2019. Having a video on your website also increases the chance of the user clicking onto another page. Google keeps track of how many pages the visitor views. It tends to bring up the pages with the highest number of clicks.

  1. Video attracts the audience on mobiles

Experts state that mobile users are more prone to watch video content. This is because usage of smart devices is growing exponentially. YouTube recently reported that mobile video consumption increases 100% every year. The adoption of smartphones and popularity of videos go hand in hand. The public loves to watch videos on the go.

A piece of advice here: make sure that the videos are optimized for the mobile platform. Your entire strategy will go down the drain if the videos fail to play on multiple devices. Also, try to integrate subtitles and text cues in the video. This enhances the appeal and compels the viewer to take action.

  1. Video brings more ROI

As mentioned above, creating videos is not a simple task. Yet, the rewards awaiting at the end of the tunnel are quite amazing. 83% of businesses state that video provides a good return on investment. To our avail, online video editing tools are improving every day. They are affordable and effective than ever before.

The best part is, there is no need to worry about high-density resolution or using glamorous images. You do not have to portray a false image. Just be you. Show your product or service as it is. The editing does not have to be perfect as long as the content is informative and authentic.

Through the video, try to build the trust of your customers. Have a conversation with them. Ignite their emotions, and you will see wonders happen. A study found that 58% of the customers say that videos gave them the confidence to move forth with their purchase.

Final Takeaway

To sum it up, video content is an incredible way to position your site at a distinct position in the crowded marketplace. Initially, it’s going to be tedious, and you might feel like it will jeopardize your entire campaign. But once you catch the flow and things are stable, you will witness miracles unfold in favor of your brand.