Alongside other social media platforms for crypto discussion, Discord stands out as the most customizable, providing an all-in-one, easy-to-navigate crypto forum-style platform with categories and subforums rather than just a feed of posts to scroll through.

This guide reviews the best crypto Discord groups, aka ‘servers’ to join for beginner crypto advice, advanced trading setups, technical analysis, plus insider tips on the best cryptocurrencies to buy daily.

Let’s dive in.

The Top 10 Crypto Discord Groups 

  1. Jacob Crypto Bury: The Best Crypto Discord Server Overall, In-Depth Analysis of Token Presales
  2. The Crypto Nation: A Good Crypto Discord Server for First-time Investors, Clear Explanations
  3. Cryptohub: A Popular Crypto Giveaway Focused Crypto Server
  4. R/cryptocurrency: The Main Reddit Crypto Discord Group, Large User Base
  5. Larva Labs: The Official Discord Group of the CryptoPunks NFT project
  6. Elite Crypto Signals: Aimed at Professional Investors focusing on Trade Signals
  7. Cryptodra: A Crypto Discord Group Founded by a Data-driven Trader
  8. Axion Crypto Community: An Inclusive Crypto Discord Group
  9. Filthy Rich Futures: Crypto Discord Community that Focuses on Futures Trading
  10. Cracking Crypto: An Educational Crypto Server Breaking Down How to Trade Crypto

A Closer Look at Each Crypto Discord Group

Below is a complete review of the best crypto Discords on the market. We considered the engagement level of their members, the features and facilities on offer, and the costs while assessing their strengths for the crypto community.

1. Jacob Crypto Bury 

You can measure the strength of a crypto Discord server by the attitude of the trader who runs it. Jacob Crypto Bury is an engaging crypto YouTuber who started a crypto Discord server to talk about everything from cryptocurrencies to NFTs. At the time of writing, it has over 20,700 members.

There are several channels in this crypto Discord community:

  • General Discussion
  • News Links
  • Charts Channel
  • Data and Graphs
  • DeFi
  • Tutorials

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, the “Tutorials” channel is the perfect place to start. Here, you can learn about the different levels of tutorials and understand the details of altcoins and their trading patterns from the beginning. In the “Data and Graphs” channel, you can fully dive into the most profitable cryptocurrencies on any given day. Investors and traders can estimate the future price of the best altcoins based on the current market trends.

The “DeFi” channel is where you can find valuable discussions about the current state of the best DeFi tokens today.  Everything related to decentralized finance is the focus of this channel, from the current TVL on the largest chains to newer DeFi tokens.

Whether you’re a long-time crypto investor or trying to find a good way to enter crypto and network with a trading community, Jacob Crypto Bury is the top Discord group to join.

He also has one of the best crypto YouTube channels, with over 26k subscribers.

2. The Crypto Nation

The Crypto Nation

The Crypto Nation is one of the newer Discord groups on the platform that makes up for its inexperience by creating a hub of innovative members. This crypto “nation” has over 1,000 members with a no-fluff approach to crypto trading.

No one wastes words on this platform. Every member of this platform is here to contribute to the art of crypto trading, and they do so with flying colors. It has a no-gimmick, no-scam approach to discussing ADA, DeFi, and NFTs.

But is it fit for a beginner?

Newcomers can hop into the general discussion channel to clarify the basics of cryptocurrency before diving into channels that house crypto experts who deconstruct technical indicators to make crypto price predictions.

A good place to learn about whale trades and to get crypto reviews, how-to-do guides, and monthly technical indicators, the Crypto Nation is where you go if you’ve gotten serious about trading cryptocurrencies.

3. Cryptohub

Beginners don’t have it easy when navigating the crypto space. And the big words don’t help either; they alienate newcomers. Resolving this issue is the crypto hub. This 34,000-member crypto group is 100% free, allowing anyone interested in crypto to become a member. It is known as one of the friendliest crypto servers right now.


Newcomers will find Trading 101, Crypto Coin Exchanges, and HODL, the best channels within this crypto Discord to get the hang of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Cryptohub makes it a point to arrange the information properly so you don’t feel lost.

If you’re a long-time or starting trader, go to the Trade Signals Discord section. You’ll find most of what you need to learn about Futures and Contracts and receive crypto alerts.

Another major focus of CryptoHub, however, is on crypto giveaways. If you’re religiously on the platform and are engaging with the members positively, you can win free crypto.

But that’s not the extent of Cryptohub’s offerings. Serious traders have the option to take premium memberships to get access to more nuanced channels of this crypto Discord group. At only $10 a month, you can engage with the more successful crypto traders who have cracked the crypto trading code. Find your pick of the best cryptocurrencies, liquidity pools, giveaways, and meme coins that generate the most profits with a premium membership.

Because CryptoHub is one of the premium Discord groups, becoming a member is slightly difficult. There are multiple levels of verifications to go through. But when all is said and done, many members say that it is worth it.

4. R/cryptocurrency

The “r/” is a giveaway for this popular Reddit crypto group that has joined Discord. It is one of the strictest Discord groups, with a surprisingly low tolerance for fluff content. This group used to house nearly 100 members, but it now has 49,000 members, making it one of the biggest crypto Discord servers in the market.


Getting into this group is easy, but you must tolerate a two-minute buffer for every chat you enter, so pick your words carefully. Complete the tasks as specified in the general community rules, and the rest of the members will be open to listening to what you have to say. Interaction with the community comes with rewards. The better engagement you provide, the more level you gain. Raise your statute within the Discord group; the two minutes will be removed.

r/Cryptocurrency mostly focuses on yield farming, new cool NFT projects, and new altcoins. Information about technical indicators, educational resources, insights, and price analysis are available. But it is not all about work on this platform. The moderators and administrators organize game nights and movie nights from time to time to slow things down a bit.

Only serious, patient traders should become part of this platform. While joining is easy, the two-minute slowdown will make you choose your words carefully. The group has a low tolerance for those posting fluff content and has a reputation of kicking people out for even slight. But if you stick with this group, there are many great things to learn here.

5. Larva Labs

Who hasn’t heard of Larva Labs? These guys gave us our first big NFTs – CryptoPunks – that added the community aspect to the crypto scene. Larva Labs was the first NFT-focused Discord server in existence. We have added this group to this list out of our sheer respect for this platform.

CryptoPunks Floor Price Gets a Lift After Tiffany Lash Up

Being an OG crypto Discord server, Larva Labs has taken careful measures to ensure that every process is streamlined and doesn’t have a barrier. Account verification is a must (obviously). But once you get in, you get to engage with a community of 75,000 members – all quirky and ready to push the NFTs to new heights.

In addition to NFTs, the Larva Labs Discord group has many educational resources. And if you want to keep up with the floor prices to add a new CryptoPunk to your collection, we highly recommend this group.

It is important to be cautious while dealing with Larva Labs as several hacking incidents have targeted them in the past. The most recent hack occurred in early 2021, which resulted in the loss of NFTs worth 700,000 USD. This highlights the need for extra caution while using Discord servers.

6. Elite Crypto Signals

Elite Crypto Signals is a 2018-created crypto group created by crypto traders who have been active since 2012 – the beginning of major league crypto trading. With a massive following of 29,000, Elite Crypto Signals boasts a huge member count of serious traders.

Knowledge and experience are this channel’s main focuses, making it a good entry point for beginners. The more active traders would find the nuanced technical indicators available on Elite Crypto Signals beneficial.

Elite Crypto Signals is similar to CryptoHub in many ways. For one, it is also friendly – albeit a bit elitist – and has a premium feature. However, the fee to get this feature is expensive at $45 per month. Serious crypto traders would find this a good deal as premium membership contains tips and tricks to invest and make money in a bear market.

Thankfully, money is not the only way to join this group. You can earn a premium membership if you’re an active member who can bring more members. Convince 30 people to join to get a one-month premium membership. And bring 200 members to become lifetime premium members. To join this server, you must provide a phone number to receive updates via text message.

7. Cryptodra

For the longest time, we have believed that assessing the technical indicators is a good way to predict the upswing or downturn of crypto investing decisions. Cryptodra has a different take. A trader named Cryptodra started trading in 2016 and began earning profits one year later. Throughout this journey, he learned that focusing on derivative-market data is a better way to gain profit from the crypto market.


His unique insight has attracted 2,400 members of this Discord server, each a serious investor.

Those who get the premium membership get a Zoom call from Cryptodra himself and learn about all the aspects of crypto trading from the ground up. The membership also covers the negatives of relying on technical indicators. Cryptodra mainly uses order books to tap into investment psychology and risk management.

Cryptodra is one of the most expensive Crypto Discord memberships at $699 for a lifetime membership. Serious traders might consider investing because of the unique and profitable approach of Cryptodra, but for beginners, this place is a no-go.

8. Axion Crypto Community

Axion Trading Community DIscord

Axion Crypto Community has over 75,000 members and welcomes all types of discussions about crypto.

Beginners find the non-elitist tone of this platform good, for they can learn about cryptocurrencies and NFTs without being talked down to. NFTs can be pricey, especially if the artwork is the only thing going for them. So, if you have doubts about that, you can talk about it freely on this platform.

However, the more serious discussions on this platform are focused on trade signals, trading, and investment strategies. This group also provides precise entry and exit points for investing in the best altcoins. Members also receive buy and sell alerts about the cryptocurrencies they follow.

Axion Crypto Community has a large library of crypto educational resources. Beginners can learn the tricks of trading from scratch, and veterans learn to play around with advanced technical indicators. If the educational resources become more jargon-heavy, you can talk to the moderators of this group for assistance.

Pick monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annual memberships to become a VIP. It will give you on-demand access to technical indicators, a chance to chat with other VIP members, and a priority privilege to have your queries answered.

9. Filthy Rich Futures

The platform is called Filthy Rich Futures, specializing in Crypto Futures trading. It has a friendly staff that’s always open to teaching the nuances of technical indicators and fundamental marketing analysis to the members. This close-knit Discord server of over 18,000 members focuses on all things crypto.

filthy rich futures discord


By becoming a member, get a peek at the best cryptocurrencies and NFTs to buy. You’ll also learn about the best crypto games that are fun to play.

However, the main tagline of this platform remains “Hardcore Futures Trading, Risk management, and education before profit”. This statement encompasses the ideology of the moderators and administrators. You can join the premium membership if you want to become an active part of this community. If you’re heavy on engagement and like to talk about crypto, you can bring in new members and get a premium membership for free.

Even if “free”, the facilities of premium membership are available, we are talking about top-notch educational resources and the hidden details you likely miss looking at technical indicators.

You can also find Livestream, a futures guidebook, and news on Filthy Rich Futures. Paste your crypto portfolio on the excel workbook on the website if you’re looking for tips.

10. Cracking Crypto

Full-time traders looking to compound their gains by cracking crypto secrets should join Cracking_Crypto. This crypto discord group focuses on both forex and crypto trading. It has 13,000 members and sports a premium membership.

Cracking crypto Discord

Becoming a premium member will give you access to trading journals from the team behind Cracking_Crypto. You will also get access to in-depth analysis videos about trading certain cryptos. These materials explain the technical aspects of crypto trading and help members manage their crypto portfolios.

Getting access to Cracking_Crypto is not easy. The team is trying to keep the spam and fluff in the server at a minimum and only accepts members who receive an invite.

What is a Crypto Discord Server?

An online crypto community active on Discord is called a crypto Discord group, and the server that hosts that community is called a crypto Discord server. Currently, there are over 7 million users active on Discord channels.

Every crypto discord group is different, with its own vocabulary, niche, and approach to crypto discussion. An administrator with experience in crypto trading generally oversees the discussions and group functionalities. Becoming a member of a crypto discord server lets you inside a family of traders. However, you must also shoulder the responsibility of keeping the discussions relevant.

Crypto discord servers are of two types. Public servers are accessible to anyone, making them more inclusive, but they are also more prone to hacks. Private servers have stricter rules and regulations to control the conversations that members have on their platforms. Any violation of these rules leads to the removal of members. As a result, r/Cryptocurrency has lost over 50% of its members.

Every crypto discord group has multiple channels. Each channel serves to keep the discussions objective and organized. Moderators ensure that topics related to one channel are not discussed on others.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Server

It’s important to be cautious when joining crypto Discord groups, as not all of them have good intentions. However, with some experience, you can develop the skills to determine which groups will meet your needs. If you’re short on time, we’ve gathered some helpful tips for choosing the best crypto Discord server.

1. Keep an Eye on the Engagement

If a server is public, look into the quality of its online activity. Ask basic questions and see how fast you get a response. Watch out for the tone in which you’re getting the answers. Go through the threads and see the conversations Discord members are having.

2. Check out the Demographic

The most successful crypto Discord groups are inclusive – giving room to everyone from every type of background to give their expertise. It empowers the group by adding versatility to its strategies.

3. The Expertise of the Administrators

When crypto Discords first started appearing online, many groups emerged that only blew hot air and talked about nothing of significance. Unfortunately, some of them are still active. Therefore, always ask advanced questions to learn about the group’s expertise on a particular matter.

4. Cost of Premium Membership

How much is a group charging for a premium membership? Is there an affiliate program that lets you bring members instead of becoming a premium member for free? Ask these questions if you’re more of a serious trader looking to get the most out of becoming a crypto Discord member.

5. Range of Crypto Discord Channels

Go with the philosophy of the more – the merrier. Many crypto Discord groups have multiple channels to strictly organize the conversations so that every newcomer gets useful information about the crypto market.

Meanwhile, away from Discord, you can also subscribe to crypto Twitter accounts to get credible insights about the performances of crypto assets. To simplify this, we have compiled a list of the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow this year.

Why Join a Crypto Discord Group?

The entire crypto market hinges on the community. It is one of the reasons that the market is so volatile. One community word can turn a parabolically increasing price chart to take a downturn. Such volatility makes it essential to be informed – a crypto discord server can help. It constantly gives you updates about the market. Here are some of the benefits of a crypto discord server.

Unchaotic Flow of Information

Social media is great for staying updated about cryptocurrencies. However, using platforms such as Tiktok for crypto can get too chaotic. When major updates arrive, you have to go through long threads and feeds to find the best crypto information.

A crypto discord server presents information in an organized way.

Timely Updates

Trading at the right time is the key to winning crypto trades. Joining a crypto discord group helps you get access to updates that let you make quick decisions about your investments. You’ll have access to alerts, news articles, and other details about the latest price movements in the crypto markets.

The Community is Compassionate

The crypto Discord community has a more personal feel than public social media communities such as crypto Twitter, where it’s rare to receive a reply if you comment with a question – and are instead bombarded by spam bots.

Crypto discord groups run a tight ship and ensure no bullies are around. It doesn’t matter how small your question is; you will be answered in kind.

Take a look at Jacob Crypto Bury’s general discussion Discord to understand what we are talking about – recently one follower asked for advice on the best crypto presales without vesting periods or complicating staking requirements.


Finding the right crypto Discord server can be daunting. To make it easy for you, check out our list of the best crypto Discord groups. We recommend Jacob Crypto Bury’s group for both newbies and experienced investors.

Joining a crypto Discord server gives you access to valuable information, resources, and market insights. Plus, you can connect with experts and other enthusiasts to learn and share knowledge.

However, before engaging, you must read and understand the server guidelines to avoid misunderstandings.


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