Utility tokens are hugely popular as an investment. Our guide for the best utility tokens to buy in 2024 offers a curated list of tokens with promising use cases and potential value.

Below, we review the most promising examples in this field, each based on ​​the latest market data, industry trends, insights from experts and analysts, and official websites.

So, let’s dive in.

What Are the Best Utility Tokens?

  1. PlayDoge — New utility token offers staking opportunities and real-world value
  2. WienerAI — New upgradeable AI meme coin
  3. Base Dawgz  – utility token with a a unique multi-chain experience
  4. Mega Dice — Solana’s ultimate casino token experience with exclusive benefits
  5. 99Bitcoins — New utility token, featuring a learn-to-earn platform, rewarding users for learning about crypto BRC-20 tokens
  6. Sponge V2 — ERC-20 utility token combines high staking rewards with a P2E game
  7. eTukTuk — A multi-utility token that can be obtained by playing eTuk Tuk’s P2E game and used as an in-game currency
  8. Ethereum — The leading force in smart contract and Web3 development
  9. BNB Coin — In-house token for the Binance crypto exchange
  10. Axie Infinity — Key token in the play-to-earn blockchain gaming sector
  11. Curve — Utility token for the biggest Ethereum-based DEX

A Closer Look at the Best Utility Tokens to Buy

Choosing the best utility tokens to invest in can be challenging. So, to make things easier, we’ve picked out and reviewed the utility tokens with strong momentum as we move further into 2024.


best utility tokens - playdoge

PlayDoge is a mobile play-to-earn game where the famous Doge meme can become your virtual pet. Players care for their two-dimensional Doge, feeding, training, and playing with it through mini-games to earn $PLAY tokens.

In PlayDoge, the $PLAY token is central. Players use it to activate rewards for maintaining their Doge’s health and winning game levels. While its most important aspect is being an in-game currency, the plan is for it to expand value in the broader market as well.

Players can earn $PLAY tokens by caring for their Doge and completing adventures. Another way to get your hands on the tokens is by purchasing them in the presale at the price of $0.005.

After its presale, PlayDoge will be available on Google and Apple stores. The game offers high-definition graphics, touch controls, and direct pet interaction. Players connect their wallets to earn $PLAY tokens through mini-games.


best utility tokens - wienerai

Next on our utility coins list, we have WienerAI, an AI-powered meme coin that aims to become the top dog among the meme coin community. The $WAI token has an interesting design that features a mixture of a dog and a sausage. Its design is also similar to Scotty the AI, the leading utility token for cyber security. WienerAI could repeat the success of Scotty the AI, which managed to surpass its predetermined hard cap of $7.5M ahead of its schedule.

WienerAI has already raised over $1M due to its massive staking rewards, which go up to 781% p/a, and its AI-powered MEV bot. This trading bot’s native token, $WAI, is also upgradable, which gives it long-term potential.

The $WAI token has a capped supply of $69 billion, of which 30% will be reserved for the presale. Twenty percent will go towards staking and community rewards, while ten percent will go towards DEX/CEX liquidity. The current price of the $WAI token amounts to $0.000704.

Base Dawgz

best utility tokens - base dawgz

Base Dawgz is one of the best utility crypto coins and the newest addition to the Base network. Like many other doge-themed coins, it is inspired by the Shiba Inu phenomenon and the spirit of adventure and base-jumping.

Its cross-chain operability is impressive, as the token is available on many popular blockchains, including BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Ethereum. 

Base Dawgz is focused on its community by providing many incentive programs, transparent communication, and regular updates. It also allows investors early participation, as they can buy tokens during the presale. In fact, 20% of the tokens are allocated to the presale. 

People can also earn token rewards through the Be Social for Airdrop campaign. 

The project’s thoroughly planned roadmap, advanced technology, and solid tokenomics have the potential to not only meet but exceed expectations. 

Mega Dice

best utility tokens - mega dice

Using cryptocurrency in online gaming is a game-changer. This combination offers transparency, faster transactions, and global accessibility. While it solves many problems, it also brings new ones, like price swings and regulation hurdles.

Mega Dice takes this to the next level, blending crypto with advanced tech for a gaming experience like no other. Mobile-friendly, secure, and scalable, it’s built for the future. And with its $DICE token, players get more than just a currency – they get a stake in Mega Dice’s success. From gaming to exclusive features, staking rewards to trading, $DICE offers it all at the price of $0.069 per token in presale.

Mega Dice isn’t just about gaming; it’s a revolution of online entertainment, offering excitement, security, and rewards for all players, earning its place on our best utility crypto list.


best utility tokens - 99bitcoins

If you’re looking to learn about crypto without all the tech jargon, 99Bitcoins is a top choice. Originally focused on buying Bitcoin with PayPal, it now covers various cryptocurrencies in simple terms. With its own apps and a news feed, it’s a one-stop shop for crypto info.

Now, the team behind the website is launching a learn-to-earn platform powered by $99BTC tokens. Similar to the rewards programs of the past, this platform rewards users for learning about crypto. By completing interactive modules and quizzes, you earn tokens to unlock more courses.

Hold $99BTC for perks like staking rewards and exclusive content. Plus, you’ll be set up for a chance to win big in the airdrop.

If you’re more into investing than learning, you can stake your tokens for rewards. Earning a high spot on our top utility cryptocurrency list, you can get the presale tokens at the starting price of only $0.00101.

Sponge V2

best utility tokens - spongev2

Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2) has been added to our list of utility tokens. It is an improved version of the original $SPONGE meme coin, which saw a massive 100x market cap growth in 2023. 

One of the most significant upgrades in Sponge V2, and why it is on our utility coins crypto list, is the addition of a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game. This new gaming platform provides an engaging environment for players to use their V2 tokens, earn more tokens, and enhance their interaction with the Sponge ecosystem. 

The total supply of Sponge V2 tokens is limited to 150 billion, with a significant portion reserved for staking and P2E gaming rewards. This incentivizes participation and improves the token’s utility. You can stake your tokens on top platforms and earn an impressive 190% APY, which is one of the highest rates available for a meme coin. However, as more tokens are locked in, the APY will gradually decrease at some point.

This is because over 43% of the total token supply was dedicated to the presale, as mentioned in the Sponge V2 whitepaper.

Stay informed about the latest news and product updates by joining the SpongeV2 Telegram channel.


eTukTuk is on a mission to revolutionize transportation, combat pollution, and empower communities worldwide. The company is introducing electric TukTuks that are accessible to all income levels and a network of charging stations powered by blockchain tech.

With air pollution affecting billions globally, the approach couldn’t be more timely. By embracing blockchain, the $TUK token fosters transparency and inclusivity while staking rewards empowers participation in its ecosystem.

That said, $TUK is also one of the best crypto utility tokens for gamers. On that note, investors who play eTuk Tuk’s P2E game will be able to receive $TUK tokens as a reward. These tokens will be used as an in-game currency. A larger number of tokens equals better upgrades, more locations, and access to special events.

This multi-utility token has a total supply of 2 billion, of which 6% will be reserved for the presale. eTuk Tuk has so far raised more than $3.4M, while its current price stands at $0.033.


best utility tokens - ethereum

Ethereum is one of the top utility tokens due to its widespread use and versatility. It’s the second-largest cryptocurrency globally and powers thousands of projects and decentralized apps (dApps) on its blockchain.

Ethereum is essential for deploying Smart Contracts, which are used by many ERC-20 tokens. These projects need ETH to pay for transaction fees called GAS fees, making Ethereum a valuable utility coin. For instance, Uniswap, a decentralized exchange on Ethereum, processed over $500 million in transactions in just 24 hours, requiring ETH for GAS fees.

Ethereum also transitioned to a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism after the Ethereum merge, allowing users to stake their ETH. Additionally, Ethereum’s mainnet supports various use cases, such as creating DeFi apps and NFTs.

At the time of writing, Ethereum is priced at $3,569 with a market cap of over $428 billion.


best utility tokens - apecoin

Of the emerging breed of best utility tokens for NFTs, Apecoin offers strong investment potential. APE is the governance token for the market-leading Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT ecosystem.

Owning APE allows the owner to decide how the APE NFT system is run. But most holders buy APE for its investment potential.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital assets traded for profit — and Bored Ape’s collection of 9,999 NFTs has cornered the market, notching up a trading volume of almost $19m in one week. If you are interested in buying Apecoin, the average price of a Bored Ape NFT is $394k.

ApeCoin stands to benefit from good tokenomics. The limited supply of 1 billion APE tokens means that each owner of a Bored Ape NFT was given just over 10,000 APE when this utility token first came to market in March 2022.

Binance Coin

best utility tokens - binance coin

Binance Coin (BNB) is the utility token for Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the world. Owners of Binance Coin can get a 25% trading discount when trading on Binance’s crypto market and discounts on crypto staking.

With 80m users and 600+ crypto on sale, Binance compares well against top brokers as a great place to track down the most undervalued crypto. Having some BNB makes trading on the exchange smoother. However, many investors buy BNB simply as an investment.

BNB Coin is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain.

Currently, the BNB price is $234,11.  As a strong utility token, BNB is tipped for greater things over the long term.

 Axie Infinity

best utility tokens - axie infinity

AXS is the in-house crypto for the hugely popular Axie Infinity blockchain game. This P2E (play-to-earn) game centers around the breeding and training virtual monsters. These NFT avatars fight to earn rewards, which are paid in AXS.

The price of AXS took a tumble in late March 2022 after hackers stole a whopping $622m of Ethereum and USD Coin from the Ronin Network blockchain that runs the Axie Infinity Game. This wiped out the 35% price gain that AXS had made over just the first three weeks of March.

Let us not underestimate the enduring appeal of the Axie Infinity game; it is still one of the best utility tokens around.

You can see that over 100,000 Axie players are online right now contesting for AXS. At the height of its popularity in 2021, Axie’s collection of NFT monsters was the most valuable NFT collection in the world.


best utility tokens - curve

With over 150,000 followers on a leading broker, Curve is undoubtedly one of the stronger crypto utility tokens.

Curve is part of the $120bn DeFi sector. Specifically, CRV is the governance token for Curve, the biggest Ethereum-based Decentralised Exchange (DEX).

Curve centers on liquidity farming. Users borrow and lend stablecoins in what are known as liquidity pools. Curve stands out from the competition in this area in two ways:

  1. By acting as a decentralized exchange for stablecoins only.
  2. By offering a proprietary algorithm (created by Russian scientist Michael Egorov) that minimizes slippage and impermanent loss — key issues with Automated Market Maker systems.

Curve boasts a market capitalization of $440 million. Impressively, Curve’s Total Value Locked (ie. how many assets are currently invested in the system) stands at $20bn.

What Is Utility in Crypto?

Utility tokens are a type of digital currency that exists on its own blockchain. They are used to access specific products or services that a company is developing. These tokens can be sold to raise capital, and investors who buy them can be rewarded for their contributions. If you’re looking for a platform with excellent utility, Ethereum is your best bet. It dominates smart contracts and Web3 development and has a significant share of the market.

Utility Tokens vs. Security Tokens

If you own a security token, you own a share of the tokenized security. That security could be a piece of real estate or a company. If you own a utility token, on the other hand, you do not own part of security but have privileges within a crypto ecosystem.

Governance Token vs. Utility Token

Governance tokens play a key role in many crypto ecosystems. Governance tokens allow owners to participate in decision-making. Because this means a governance token entitles the owner to a service, all governance tokens can be classed as utility tokens.

Luckily, investors do not need to understand the precise distinctions between different types of crypto. Our job is to pick the ones that are good investments!

Are Utility Tokens a Good Investment?

Whether a utility token is a good investment depends on your appetite for risk. All crypto is inherently high-risk investments. This means the potential gains are high — but so are the potential losses. Most investors do not want to risk losing all their money.

Naturally, some types of crypto, even the top utility tokens, are more risky than others. Meme coins, for example, are extremely high-risk compared to utility tokens. This means they can reap incredible rewards – like Shiba Inu did in 2021, for example – but can also crash in value.

The difference between meme coins and utility tokens is that meme coins are usually introduced as a joke coin, with no inherent use other than as a store of value. Although, strictly speaking, some meme coins can be on the utility tokens crypto list, utility tokens generally confer the right to receive a certain service.

Owners of BNB Coin can use their BNB to access cheaper trading fees on the Binance exchange.

Where to Buy Utility Tokens

The best utility tokens to buy can be found online with one of the crypto exchanges or a broker. Exchanges offer a wider range of tokens but can be intimidating for beginners. For a simple and safe way to buy utility tokens, we recommend global brokers like Binance.


In conclusion, this comprehensive guide provides in-depth reviews of the best utility tokens for 2024. Each offers unique features and potential at the cutting edge of blockchain technology, enabling access to exciting services and products.

From the best utility tokens list, the most promising and unique utility token we have determined is PlayDoge.


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