Origin Protocol Token Price Charts

Origin Protocol (OGN) Token is currently up a huge 63% from the Terra Luna crypto crash which occured on the 12th of  May 2022. Presently, OGN is forming a descending channel on the hourly time frame. Within the descending channel also resides the formation of an ascending triangle which is a bullish continuation pattern.

July entails the highly anticipated OGV Token airdrop which is exclusively for OGN holders. This could also have a positive effect on the short-term price action for Origin Protocol (OGN) Token.

Origin Protocol entered the year trading at a modest $0.68. Can Origin Protocol (OGN) Token pave its way back to a healthy recovery?

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

Origin Protocol (OGN) Token Price Prediction 2022

Origin Protocol (OGN) Token has corrected over 95% from the all-time high of $3.39 it set on the 8th April 2021. Since then OGN has been in a harsh downtrend and failed to make significant recovery through volatile impulse and retracement waves.

According to Coinmarketcap Original Protocol (OGN) Token is ranked #189 versus other cryptocurrencies. The market capital is now sitting around $94 million which and the project is now considered a small market cap project.

Although the valuation of OGN has decreased greatly over the last few months, it doesn’t mean that Origin Protocol’s future or visions have failed. It is quite normal for altcoins to correct beyond 90% during harsh bear markets.

Origin Protocol (OGN) Token has now reverted back to being closer to its fair value as a result of extreme fear in the markets. The current price levels should be appealing to new potential investors as we could see massive upside potential from these levels in the future.

Origin Protocol Token Bullish Divergence Price Chart

Origin Protocol Token Price Chart – 1 Hour Time Frame OGN-USDT

From a technical analysis perspective the short-term price action looks rather bullish. We can see that we are forming a bullish ascending triangle following a bullish divergence on the relative strength index. This is indicated by the relative strength index (lower chart) producing a higher-low, whilst the price action (upper chart) produces a lower-low.

This demonstrates that the bulls are starting to take control and could be the beginning of a new uptrend.

Origin Protocol (OGN) Token Video Analysis

For the year of 2022 I expect OGN Cryptocurrency to chop around the $0.23-0.75 levels. Original Protocol tends to trade in volatile impulse waves which are short lived and followed by harsh corrections. It is still possible to lose the critical support level of $0.15 and print a swing-low to $0.10. Although I think it would be a very transient phase which would offer a fantastic opportunity to reaccumulate.

Origin Protocol (OGN) Token corrected to $0.10 multiple times from January 2020-2021. We then saw Origin Protocol (OGN) Token soar over 2,700% offering massive returns on investment for holders who got in early.

With enough accumulation through the crypto winter and high quality protocol upgrades I think Origin Protocol can reclaim the previous all time high of $3.39 and potentially even surpass this by the next crypto bull run.

Origin Dollar Governance (OGV) Airdrop

Origin Protocol have announced their new ERC20 token which is named Origin Dollar Governance (OGV). This is going to be the new governance and value accrual token for the Origin Dollar (OUSD).

To be eligible to obtain the OGV token airdrop, users must hold a minimum of 1 OGN (excluding those in trades or orders) in an eligible cryptocurrency exchange. The snapshot is determined by the Origin Protocol (OGN) team and is expected to occur between 5 July, 00:00 UTC and 12 July 2022, 23:59 UTC.

Origin Protocol Token Twitter Page

Origin Protocol Token Tweet

The OGV Token airdrop is now just around the corner, so be sure to hold the required amount of tokens on an eligible exchange in order to receive your OGV tokens.

Listed below are the cryptocurrency exchanges that are supporting the airdrop.

It seems the airdrop alone has recently generated enough hype and traction to see a short term uptrend. I would expect more positive price momentum over the next few weeks for Origin Protocol Token. Like always, this very much depends on the trajectory of Bitcoin.

What is Origin Protocol (OGN) Token?

Origin Protocol (OGN) is a web3 protocol with the vision to convoy NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi) to the masses. The Origin Protocol (OGN) team discovered that decentralized commerce is what would satisfy the needs that users can’t achieve with centralized alternatives.

OGN strives to create crypto-centric and highly user friendly applications that allow Dapps to rival their centralized opposers. Origin Protocol is trying to remove the complexity around decentralized finance so that the average retailer can have a greater user journey across DeFi. Even some tech-savvy users prefer legacy methods such as credit cards and mobile payments because they are just so convenient.

Overall, Origin Protocol is fully engaged in enabling a friendly user journey for commerce on the blockchain across non-fungible tokens and DeFi.

Because Origin Protocol (OGN) Token focuses on solving existing problems in the blockchain environment I am bullish on the future of the project. The market capital is also very low now, which makes a potential 200-2,000% return on investment much more pragmatic by 2024-2025.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.


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