In the world of cryptocurrency, few projects have captured the attention of the masses quite like Notcoin. What started as a simple clicker game within the Telegram messaging app has blossomed into a phenomenon, amassing over 35 million players worldwide.

Now, Notcoin is preparing to take the next big step – launching its own cryptocurrency token called NOT. The announcement spurred a massive wave of hype, driving thousands to engage with the game to make sure that they secure a token allocation.

In the following article, we will share further details about this interesting and nascent crypto project that is harnessing the interest of millions of gamers and investors worldwide.

The Notcoin Origin Story

Notcoin was created by Open Builders, a team of web3 developers, as an experiment in fair token distribution launched in January this year. The premise was simple – users would earn in-game “Notcoin” currency by tapping on a digital coin within the Telegram app.

This tapping mechanic became an addictive loop, with players competing to climb global leaderboards and earn more Notcoin.



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Unlike many large crypto projects, Notcoin’s growth was entirely organic, driven by word-of-mouth among Telegram users. Within just 10 days of the official launch, the game had already attracted over 6.3 million players. The numbers kept climbing day after day until the platform eventually surpassed a staggering total of 35 million players.

What was the driving force behind Notcoin’s meteoric rise? For one, the game tapped into the universal human desire to earn rewards, even if they’re just virtual coins. Notcoin’s leaderboard and league systems added a competitive element that kept players coming back day after day. And of course, the promise of a future cryptocurrency airdrop provided a strong incentive to keep tapping.

But Notcoin’s creators had a deeper purpose in mind. They wanted to find a novel way to distribute cryptocurrency tokens that would benefit the actual community, rather than just privileged early investors.

“Many new cryptos struggle to get their tokens to actual community members because most new tokens end up being purchased by institutional investors”, explained Notcoin co-founder Sasha Plotvinov to Bybit.

The Notcoin Token: NOT

After months of anticipation, Notcoin has finally confirmed that its in-game currency will be transformed into a real cryptocurrency token called NOT. This token will be launched on The Open Network (TON), the blockchain originally created by the Telegram messaging app.

The conversion process will be fairly straightforward – 1,000 in-game Notcoin will be equivalent to 1 NOT token. So, players who have amassed billions of Notcoin through their tapping exploits will see their holdings converted accordingly. The team decided to make the exchange rate 1,000 to 1 to make the game’s economy simpler, cutting out unnecessary 3 zeros.

In total, 102,719,221,714 NOT tokens will be minted. The vast majority of these, around 80.2 billion, will be distributed directly to Notcoin players based on their in-game earnings. The remaining 22.5 billion tokens will be allocated to an “ecosystem fund” to support Notcoin’s future development and growth.

Interestingly, Notcoin has given players the option to voluntarily contribute a portion of their Notcoin holdings (10%, 20%, 30%, or 50%) to this ecosystem fund. While there are no bonuses for participation, Notcoin has emphasized that this is an important way for the community to support the project’s long-term success.

The NOT token launch is currently scheduled for April 20th, 2024 – the same day as the anticipated Bitcoin halving event. This strategic timing is likely to generate even more hype and attention around Notcoin’s debut.

Preparing for the NOT Airdrop – How to Buy NOT Early

Most cryptocurrency airdrops are hard to prepare for after they are officially announced. There is often no way to get a token allocation if you didn’t already meet the project’s requirements. This is not the case with Notcoin.

In the weeks leading up to the NOT token launch, Notcoin has introduced a novel pre-market trading system. Players who have accumulated 10 million or more Notcoin can convert their in-game holdings into NFT vouchers. These vouchers can then be bought, sold, and traded on secondary markets before the official token debut.

If you want to get exposure to Notcoin, you can trade these vouchers on the official Notcon page on

This system allows early Notcoin adopters to speculate on the future price of the NOT token. As of writing, these 10 million Notcoin vouchers are trading for around $90-100 worth of Toncoin (TON), the native token of the TON blockchain.

For players who don’t have 10 million Notcoin, there’s no need to worry. Their in-game holdings will be directly convertible to NOT tokens when the airdrop occurs without the need for the NFT voucher system.

Notcoin has also announced that it will be “burning” the Notcoin holdings of inactive accounts leading up to the token launch. This is to ensure that the final token supply accurately reflects the active player base. Users who haven’t logged in for 30 days or more will see their Notcoin balances diminished by 5% per day.

The Future of Notcoin Gameplay

Once the NOT token is live, Notcoin’s gameplay model will undergo some significant changes. Since no new Notcoin will be minted, the game will transition to a new system where external projects can participate by purchasing NOT tokens.

These projects will then be able to integrate their content and offerings into the Notcoin ecosystem, paying players in NOT tokens for engaging with their material. This could include tasks like following a project’s Telegram channel, visiting their website, or even interacting with in-game features.

“They will just continue to click on a button and earn coins, with more complexity and less rewards than they had in the mining phase”, explained Plotvinov to Decrypt recently.

The goal is to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem where Notcoin players are rewarded for their attention and engagement while projects gain exposure to the game’s enormous user base. Notcoin will also take a percentage of the NOT tokens paid into the system, which will be used for things like product development, exchange listings, and burning tokens.

In addition to this new project integration model, Notcoin is also exploring the possibility of adding trading bot functionality to the Telegram app. This would allow users to buy, sell, and swap crypto tokens directly within the messaging platform, providing a seamless user experience.

The Notcoin team is aiming to make the post-airdrop ecosystem as decentralized as possible, allowing any project to integrate and reward players without extensive oversight from Notcoin itself. However, they acknowledge the need to maintain responsibility for the safety of their large user base and are working to find the right balance.

“We’ll keep this as decentralized as possible”, said Plotvinov. “We don’t really want to participate in all of these campaigns as reviewers or something. We will try to balance this thing [so that] any project can launch it themselves—but at the same time, we are quite responsible for the audience that came to Notcoin. We don’t want people to face [scams].”

How Did This Gaming Project Become Crypto’s Next Big Thing?

Notcoin’s meteoric rise has been nothing short of remarkable. What started as a simple clicker game has transformed into a cultural phenomenon, captivating millions of Telegram users worldwide. Now, with the impending launch of the NOT token, Notcoin is poised to take the crypto world by storm.

The project’s innovative approach to token distribution, combined with its addictive gameplay and vibrant community, has set it apart from the countless other meme coins and GameFi projects vying for attention. Notcoin’s ability to organically attract over 35 million players is a testament to the team’s vision and the genuine appeal of the concept.

As the Notcoin ecosystem evolves beyond the initial tapping mechanics, it will be fascinating to see how the project continues to innovate and engage its massive user base. The integration of external projects and developers’ intention to keep the system as decentralized as possible all point to an ambitious roadmap that could solidify Notcoin’s position as a leading force in the crypto gaming space.

Of course, as with any emerging cryptocurrency, there are risks and uncertainties involved. The volatility of the NOT token’s price, the success of the new business model and value proposition, and the potential for regulatory challenges are all factors that will shape Notcoin’s future.

For now, the project’s impressive growth and the genuine excitement of its community suggest that Notcoin is poised to be much more than just another fleeting crypto fad.