Telegram bots are a handy addition to one of the world’s most popular messaging apps. With Telegram bots, it’s possible to automate everything from alerts to scanning for flight deals. Telegram bots are also pushing the boundaries of what the app can do by connecting Telegram to dozens of other platforms and services.

In this guide, we’ll highlight 15 of the best Telegram bots to try in 2023 and explain everything Telegram users need to know about bots.

The Top Telegram Bots Ranked

We tried out dozens of different bots to put together our 15 best Telegram bots list:

  1. Mega Dice – Telegram casino with hundreds of games and a 200% welcome bonus up to 1 BTC. Start playing slots, blackjack, and more on Telegram anonymously.
  2. TG.Casino – Crypto Telegram casino that’s raised more than $1.1 million in token presale. Offers casino games and sportsbook, 425% APY, and 25% cashback on losing $TGC wagers.
  3. Alert Bot – Create simple text alerts to remind about important tasks at a specific time in the future.
  4. Feed Reader Bot – Get an alert every time a blog, YouTube channel, or social media creator posts new content.
  5. Filetobot – Unlimited cloud storage for photos, documents, and more. Simplifies storing content from Telegram groups.
  6. PollBot – Create polls and surveys within Telegram groups in seconds. Perfect for arranging meetups or collecting opinions.
  7. Stock Pro – Quickly get the price of any ticker symbol during market hours. Ideal for stock traders and investors.
  8. – Create free, temporary email addresses to sign up for online services without the spam.
  9. Dr. Web – Automatically check Telegram files for viruses to keep devices safe.
  10. TweetItBot – Tweet, reply, like, and more all from Telegram. Eliminates the need to switch to Twitter to make a post.
  11. Magic Buddy – AI-powered chatbot offering access to GPT-4 language model. Offers 3 free messages per day.
  12. Quizarium – Fun quiz creation bot for competing with friends. Pick a topic and earn points with every correct answer.
  13. IFTTT – Flexible Telegram bot that connects to social media, productivity tools, and more. Create custom automations that can be controlled right from Telegram.
  14. Babelgram – Instantaneous translation bot that enables multi-language conversations on Telegram. Free and easy to use.
  15. AirTrack – Flight-finding bot that can quickly display the best prices for flights between any two cities in the world.

A Closer Look at the Best Telegram Bots

Let’s take a closer look at the top Telegram bots to see what these bots are capable of.

Mega Dice is a popular Bitcoin casino that was one of the first to launch real-money play on Telegram using a bot. With the Mega Dice Telegram bot, anyone in the world can access slots, blackjack, roulette, and more.

What sets the Mega Dice Telegram bot apart is that players can start playing immediately with no account and no KYC requirements. It only takes a few seconds to make a deposit in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and other popular cryptocurrencies. Players can stay completely anonymous and cash out their winnings anytime.

Mega Dice Telegram Bot

The Telegram bot launches an in-app casino environment where players can bet, spin, and wager on table games. It’s a lot like Mega Dice’s online casino experience and even offers access to live casino games.

Mega Dice works with some of the most popular gaming providers in the world, including Evolution Gaming, Novomatic, and Spribe. The casino is also fully licensed in Curaçao and offers 24/7 support for customers.

On top of the casino, Mega Dice also has a fully licensed sportsbook with more than 35 betting markets. Players can wager on everything from NFL football to soccer to esports.

Players who use Mega Dice’s Telegram bot to bet on their favorite games can also benefit from a massive welcome bonus. New users receive a 200% match on their first deposit up to 1 BTC—a bonus worth nearly $30,000 at today’s Bitcoin price.

Telegram handle: @MegaDiceCasinoBot

2. TG.Casino – Crypto Telegram Casino and Sportsbook, Raised $1.1 Million in Token Presale With 425% APY And 200% Welcome Bonus

TG.Casino is another Telegram bot offering users easy access to casino games and sports betting markets. The platform plans to offer an outstanding in-app experience for Telegram users that eliminates the need for manual text commands, as many Telegram bots require.

Players can join TG.Casino with no sign-up and no identification required. The gambling platform accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more, so play is completely anonymous.

TG Casino Telegram Bot

TG.Casino is launching with games from top providers like NetEnt, Red Tiger, Push Gaming, and many more. The bot will carry hundreds of slots and table games, including virtual blackjack and roulette. Plus, TG.Casino has plans to expand its game selection over time, keeping the experience fresh.

Players can also bet on sports at TG.Casino. The bot accepts wagers on more than 30 markets including the NFL, UFC, Premier League, and more.

TG.Casino’s platform has proven extremely in-demand and has recently launched. The casino has its own crypto token, $TGC, which is available to buy now during a crypto presale. The presale has sold more than $1.1 million worth of $TGC to investors.

TG.Casino plans to use revenue from its casino and sportsbook to buy back and burn $TGC as well as give $TGC rewards to investors who stake the token. So, there’s a lot to like about TG.Casino as an investor as well as a player on Telegram. This is a KYC-free casino with a 200% up to 10 ETH welcome bonus and APY of 425%, at the present time.

Telegram handle: @TG_CasinoCommunity

3. Alert Bot – Simple Text Alert Reminders for Future Tasks

Alert Bot is a simple but incredibly handy Telegram bot for anyone prone to forgetting important tasks. With this bot, it’s easy to create text alerts that pop up at a preset time just like any other Telegram message.

In effect, Alert Bot enables a user to send themselves a message in the future. All they have to do is type /alert, enter the time for the alert, and then provide the text they want to see with the alert.

Alert Bot Telegram Bot

The only drawback is that Alert Bot is limited to sending alerts on the same day they’re created. This simple bot can’t schedule alerts for a future day.

Telegram handle: @AlertBot

4. Feed Reader Bot – Get Alerts about New Content on YouTube, Blogs, and Social Media

Feed Reader Bot is a customizable Telegram bot that makes it easier than ever for users to follow their favorite content creators. Users can connect Feed Reader Bot to a blog’s RSS feed, YouTube channel, or social media account, and the bot will send an alert every time new content is added.

So, if a YouTuber drops a new video on their channel, Feed Reader Bot can message a user with a link to a video. If an influencer posts a new tweet, a user can see the tweet right on Telegram.

Feed Reader Bot Telegram Bot

Feed Reader Bot can be incredibly useful for staying on top of time-sensitive content. As just one example of how it can be used, users can follow a crypto project in development and get updates on milestones that could affect its token price.

Telegram handle: @TheFeedReaderBot

5. Filetobot – Unlimited Cloud Storage for Telegram Content

Filetobot is a cloud storage bot that makes it incredibly easy to save images, documents, videos, and other attachments from Telegram. All users have to do is call the bot and point to the attachment they want to save.

Filetobot will file items away in the cloud. Users can call Filetobot to download their content at any time. They can also share content saved in the Filetobot cloud with friends in any Telegram group.

File to Bot Telegram Bot

The best part of Filetobot is that it’s completely free for unlimited cloud storage. This is one of the most impressive cloud storage deals available right now, and it’s exclusively for Telegram users.

Telegram handle: @Filetobot

6. PollBot – Create Polls and Surveys in Any Telegram Group

PollBot is one of the most helpful Telegram bots for groups. With this bot, anyone can create a poll or survey, then share it with a group to collect responses.

The process of creating a new poll takes only seconds. Just type /newpoll and then the question to survey the group about. Poll creators can check the results at any time using the prompt /results and close voting with the command /endpoll.

PollBot Telegram Bot

PollBot has tons of uses on Telegram. Users can use it to coordinate a meeting among friends or bounce ideas off of a group. In professional Telegram groups, PollBot can be handy for voting on the future direction of the channel.

Telegram handle: @PollBot

7. Stock Pro – Check the Price of Any Stock Ticker

Stock Pro is a useful Telegram bot for investors, traders, and anyone else who watches the stock market. Simply type in a stock’s ticker symbol, and Stock Pro will display the current share price.

Notably, Stock Pro isn’t just limited to stocks. It can also return the price of any ETF, mutual fund, stock index, forex pair, or commodity. Users can call it in a dedicated channel or use Stock Pro to quickly share prices in any Telegram group they’re a part of.

Stock Pro Telegram Bot

Stock Pro also enables users to set up custom watchlists. This is extremely helpful because users can see price data for all the symbols they’re watching in a single message. Stock Pro will even send alerts if a stock jumps up or down during trading.

Telegram handle: @StockProBot

8. – Create Temporary Email Addresses for Free is a terrific Telegram bot for anyone who’s tired of giving away their email address to sign up for online services. With, Telegram users can quickly create temporary email addresses at no cost.

The idea is that users can submit a temporary email to sign up for a service. If the service sends a verification code or other information to the address, will forward it onto the user to complete the sign-up process.

DropMail Telegram Bot

Temporary email addresses from disappear after 10 minutes, so it’s not a good idea to use these addresses for anything important. However, it is possible to restore a used email address. This can be helpful if a user needs to log back into an account they created later.

Telegram handle: @DropMailBot

9. Dr. Web – Automatically Check Telegram Files for Viruses

Dr. Web describes itself as the first antivirus bot for Telegram. It’s an easy-to-use bot that can make a huge difference in protecting computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices from dangerous malware.

To scan a file for viruses, simply send the file to the Dr. Web bot channel. The bot will reply letting users know whether the file contains any known malicious code.

Dr Web Telegram Bot

Alternatively, users can add the Dr. Web bot to any Telegram channel. Once added to a channel, the bot will automatically scan all images, files, and other non-text content sent to the group.

Dr. Web also has a quiet mode for use in group conversations. In quiet mode, the bot will only send a notification if a file is determined to contain a virus. So, unless there’s a dangerous file, the bot simply operates in the background without interrupting conversation.

Telegram handle: @DrWebBot

10. TweetItBot – Tweet, Reply and Like from a Telegram Account

TweetItBot is a Telegram bot that enables users to control their Twitter account from inside Telegram. With this bot, users can send out a new tweet, reply to comments, and even like another user’s latest tweet.

The best use we’ve found for TweetItBot is quickly tweeting content from a Telegram conversation. It’s easy to post a message to Twitter or to share an image, GIF, or other content from a group with just a single command.

TweetItBot Telegram Bot

TweetItBot is also good in situations where there’s poor cellular signal. It takes less data to get a message out to TweetItBot than it does to load the Twitter app, so it can be much faster when the connection is bad.

Telegram handle: @TweetItBot

11. Magic Buddy – AI-powered ChatGPT Bot

Magic Buddy is a Telegram bot that leverages OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The bot uses the latest version of ChatGPT, known as GPT-4, to answer questions and hold personalized conversations with users. It can do everything from summarize web results to expound on the nature of the universe.

Another great feature of Magic Buddy is that it can even respond to voice messages. So, users don’t have to type out questions to chat with Magic Buddy. The bot can also be added to groups, allowing it to be called as part of any conversation.

Magic Buddy Telegram Bot

Magic Buddy is a premium bot, so users only get 3 messages per day for free. Paid plans start at $5 for 250 messages or $9 per month for unlimited messaging with Magic Buddy.

Telegram handle: @MagicBuddyBot

12. Quizarium – Quiz Creation Bot for Competing with Friends

Quizarium is a fun and family-friendly quiz bot that’s perfect for competing to see who has the greatest trivia knowledge. The bot offers quiz categories like geography, pop culture, and science. The questions range from easy to quite challenging, making this the perfect bot for all skill levels.

Once users launch Quizarium in a channel, everyone in the channel has one minute to answer each question. Whoever gets the question right first scores points, and the winner of the contest is declared based on the score at the end of a round.

Quizarium Telegram Bot

Quizarium is completely free and available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, and Russian.

Telegram handle: @QuizariumBot

13. IFTTT – Flexible Telegram Bot for Custom Automations

IFTTT—short for If This Then That—is a popular automation software that’s widely used by individuals and businesses. The IFTTT Telegram bot is designed to extend IFTTT’s functionality to this popular messaging app.

With the IFTTT bot, users can connect Telegram to social media channels, Slack or Microsoft Teams, web apps, and more. It’s easy to create automations so that, for example, a new message in a channel is automatically reposted to a Slack group. The IFTTT can also send emails, move tasks around in software like Trello, and more.

IFTTT Telegram Bot

IFTTT offers a free forever plan that includes 2 connected applets, one of which can be Telegram. Pricing for up to 20 applet connections starts at $2.50 per month.

Telegram handle: @IFTTT

14. Babelgram – Free Instantaneous Translation Bot for Telegram Groups

Babelgram is a free and easy-to-use bot that enables Telegram users from around the world to talk to one another. The bot translates text from one language to another in real time within any Telegram conversation.

To use Babelgram, users simply need to call the bot, specify the language they want to translate from and to, then enter the text they want translated. Translation happens incredibly quickly, enabling conversation to flow smoothly.

Babelgram Telegram Bot

One thing to note is that Babelgram cannot automatically translate text in a group chat. The bot has to be called for each translation.

Telegram handle: @BabelgramBot

15. AirTrack – Quickly Find the Best Flights Between Any 2 Cities

AirTrack is a flight-finding Telegram bot that’s perfect for the frequent traveler. With this bot, users can quickly find flight options for connecting any 2 cities and compare prices.

Users simply need to enter the city they want to fly from, the city they want to fly to, and the dates they want to fly on. AirTrack will select several top flight options to display based on timing and price, plus offer buy links for each flight.

AirTrack Telegram Bot

AirTrack can also track price changes for flights between cities. The bot will automatically alert a user if there’s a drop in price. It’s free to set unlimited price alerts for any number of trip ideas or dates.

Telegram handle: @AirTrack_Bot

What Are Telegram Bots?

Telegram bots are automated software programs that run on Telegram, the popular messaging app with more than 700 million users around the globe.

Telegram describes bots as similar to apps within Telegram. They’re typically created by third-party developers using an API and Botfather tool offered by Telegram.

Telegram Botfather

Telegram bots are usually simple and rules-based. Users can call a bot to run a command or execute a task for which the bot is designed. Most bots have a few commands available and instructions for how to use those commands.

Telegram bots can perform a wide range of functions to make users’ lives easier. They can do everything from creating automated alerts and custom workflows to providing access to services like online casinos and sportsbooks through Telegram.

We’ll cover some of the different types of Telegram bots in more detail below.

Why Use Telegram Bots

There are as many different uses for Telegram bots as there are different bots on Telegram. The thing that unites all bots is that they extend the functionality of Telegram and make the messaging app easier to use.

We’ll cover some of the main ways that Telegram bots improve Telegram and make this messaging app even better.

Streamline Messaging on Telegram

Many Telegram bots are designed to make messaging on Telegram as good as possible. Telegram has a lot of built-in features for seamless one-on-one and group messaging, but bots offer even more ways to chat.

For example, Telegram bots can offer in-channel translation for conversations between people from different countries. They can also help users coordinate using polls or keep users in a group conversation safe by preventing spam and viruses.

While Telegram could incorporate these features itself, bots provide more leeway for developers to create tools that users actually want.

Access the Internet from Telegram

Telegram bots are also useful for connecting conversations on Telegram to the broader internet. For example, bots can retrieve data from the internet and paste it into a conversation.

That saves users from having to leave Telegram, run a search in their browser, and then paste information into a Telegram chat. This is another way that bots make messaging on Telegram more frictionless.

Connect to Other Apps

Telegram bots also enable users to access other apps from within Telegram.

For example, the Mega Dice bot lets users connect to the Mega Dice casino and sportsbook without leaving Telegram. Other bots let users post on Twitter, import data from cloud storage services, and share messages to chat apps like Slack.

Mega Dice Telegram Bot

This interconnectivity can increase users’ productivity and enable them to easily import and export data to and from Telegram.

Create Automations

Telegram bots are frequently used to create trigger-based automations. For example, a bot can automatically remove messages that contain inappropriate language.

Automations can dramatically increase productivity and enable users to lean on Telegram as a do-it-all app. Bots can post messages to other apps or automatically share notifications from another app to Telegram based on custom triggers.

Types of Bots on Telegram

We can broadly divide bots on Telegram into two groups: bots that have their own channels and bots that users can call in any Telegram group.

Bots that have their own channel are designed to let users communicate directly with the bot. This can be useful for many types of Telegram bots that pull information from the internet on demand.

It’s also a common format for bots that focus on delivering benefits for a single user. For example, has its own channel since users will primarily use the bot to get a temporary email for personal use.

Note that some dedicated-channel bots, like Mega Dice and TG Casino, launch their own interfaces within the Telegram app. These in-app displays enable much more functionality since users are no longer limited to interacting with the bot via text only.

Bots that users can call in any Telegram group are typically focused on aiding conversations. Telegram group bots may be involved in moderating messages within a channel, translation, social games, and more.

Users typically type @[bot_name] in an existing Telegram channel to call the bot. Then they can use the bot’s commands to perform a function.

How to Find Bots on Telegram

Telegram users can find bots using the messaging app’s built-in search tool.

If a user knows the name of the bot they want, they can search the bot’s handle. Then simply click on the bot to add it to their active conversations.

Search for Bot on Telegram

Note that for Telegram group bots, it’s not necessary to search a bot before using it. Users can simply call the bot in an existing conversation by its handle.

If a user doesn’t know the handle of the bot they’re looking for, they can search ‘@bot’ plus a description of the bot they want. Telegram will return a list of bots that meet the search terms.

The majority of bots on Telegram are free to use. Users can open a new conversation with any bot to see what it does and how its commands work. Then they can start using the bot in that channel or call the bot in another Telegram conversation.


Telegram bots extend the functionality of Telegram and help connect this messaging app to all the other apps users rely on. They can do everything from create automations to retrieve information from the internet and so much more.

One of the best Telegram bots to try today is Mega Dice. The Mega Dice Telegram bot allows anyone in the world to start betting on casino games and sports using cryptocurrency. Betting is completely anonymous and the gambling platform is fully licensed. Check out the Mega Dice bot today to start betting and winning.



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