Why are the best crypto Telegram groups so popular?

Telegram’s secure messaging platform offers an ideal environment for crypto trading advice and news. They’re the right mix of trading insights and new updates. 

In this article we list top Telegram crypto groups available, including options for both free and paid services. These groups cater to a range of investors, from beginners to those with more experience. 

Check out our list and find the Telegram group that fits your needs.

Telegram Crypto Groups to Join

As well as specific trading setups, many of the channels below also cover cryptocurrency news and more fundamental analysis.

  • B2C Crypto Calls & News – Our curated feed of crypto news stories and price predictions
  • Learn 2 Trade – An Established community of 70,000 crypto traders, as well as FX
  • Dash 2 Trade – New crypto project on presale now with a growing Telegram community
  • Binance Killers – High-accuracy Telegram Binance signal-sharing channel
  • Fed Russian Insiders – Outstanding source of trading signals and crypto commentary
  • Crypto Inner Circle – One of the fastest-growing Binance Telegram channels
  • Wolf of Trading – Get daily Binance signals free of charge
  • Wallstreet Queen Official – Telegram channel with the best Binance pre-pump signals
  • Bitcoin Bullets – Exceptional customer support and coaching by experts
  • Binance Signals – Great market analysis and frequent trading signals
  • InsideBitcoins – Breaking crypto news roundups and industry commentary
  • CoinSniper – Independent audits and reviews of verified crypto projects
  • ICO Analytics – Best Channel to Find New Cryptocurrencies
  • Unfolded – Get Direct Access to the Latest Cryptocurrency News

Reviewing the Best Crypto Telegram Groups of 2024

Below we take a closer look at each of the top cryptocurrency Telegram channels and what they offer:

1. B2C Crypto Calls & News

Business2Community operates one of the fastest growing crypto telegram groups right now, recently passing over 15,800 subscribers.

Offering everything from curated news stories to price predictions and reviews of new crypto presales, the B2C Crypto Calls & News channel is a useful resource for both novice and veteran investors.

top crypto telegram channel

The platform houses a team of investing and trading experts delivering high-quality content focusing on the latest ongoings of the crypto space and puts special emphasis on research. Joining this Telegram group will allow members to get direct access to news articles that focus on crypto price predictions, new crypto launches, and the latest tech and regulatory developments in the crypto space.

One of the key contributors is professional trader Jacob Bury, who also manages one of the top crypto Discord servers.

2. Learn 2 Trade

Learn 2 Trade was created by a group of tech and financial analysts. This platform focuses on delivering real-time technical analysis for several crypto assets and critical events in the crypto space to the users.

Following along the lines of major telegram groups, Learn 2 Trade has both free and paid access to signals. Free members will receive up to three signals per week. Those with the paid channels, however, will get access to weekly webinars, along with a higher number of trading signals per day.

Learn 2 Trade

Learn 2 Trade differentiates itself from most crypto telegram groups by focusing on compounding the assessments from 90+ technical indicators in order to find better trading opportunities for its members. These indicators include parabolic SAR, session volumes, Ichimoku, MACD, and more. Since Learn 2 Trade primarily focuses on forex signals, for now, it only provides signals for Bitcoin and the most popular altcoins in the crypto space.

Learn 2 Trade is one of the industry-leading crypto telegram channels with a high success rate. According to the official website, Learn 2 Trade has a history of providing 4 to 5 profitable signals per day. Accessing the paid membership will only cost $53 a month.

Join over 25,000 members in their free crypto Telegram group and over 41,000 members in their free forex group at the website link below.

3. Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is one of the best presale cryptocurrency offerings this year, focusing on the utility that the entire trading community has asked for for a long-time — a powerful crypto intel platform that focuses on all the volatile variables to help investors make informed investment decisions.

Dash 2 Trade Telegram

In light of that, Dash 2 Trade brings social analytics, off-chain analytics, and independent indicators on one platform. It also offers strategy-building and bespoke backtesting tools that enable investors to create trading strategies and test them under simulated conditions before implementing them in the real market.

One of the biggest features of Dash 2 Trade, however, is the crypto presale assessment tool. Experts on the platform manually assess the presale crypto offerings to give early-moving opportunities to all types of traders.

To stay updated with the stages of the presale and get access to trading details directly from the platform once it goes live, you can go to the official telegram group. It has more than 28k members, a number that is continuously growing as we write this guide. While joining the telegram is free, it is likely that a paid membership will be created since Dash 2 Trade aims to be a paid platform for crypto analytical tools.

4. Binance Killers 

Binance Killers provides an average of ten signals weekly, with a high accuracy rate, thanks to its expert team of traders and market analysts. This Telegram channel is an amazing source of information related to cryptocurrency and market trends.

By joining Binance Killers, you can expect tips for future investments based on recent developments, daily top losers and gainers, and in-depth market analysis. The channel provides this and more information for its free members, but its VIP members are a priority for the best trading signals with pre-pump opportunities.

Binance signals Telegram

Regardless of your trading skill, Binance Killer’s VIP membership allows you to take advantage of the channel’s expert tips and make more informed investment decisions. As a VIP member, you can expect the safest, high-leverage, premium signals, including advanced strategy and planning tips.

Binance Killers focuses on short-term and long-term trades and provides alerts and profitable crypto opportunities using advanced algorithms and technical market analysis. The channel frequently shares its commentary on the latest crypto trends, allowing you to learn how to analyze and manipulate the market over time.

What we like about this Telegram channel is its 24/7 customer support that will evaluate your progress, answer any question about a signal or explain how the market works, and help you fix rookie mistakes.

To become a VIP member and get the most out of this channel, you can subscribe for a 1-month, 3-month, or lifetime membership. The Sicilian, an Italian trader responsible for the channel’s success with his accurate Binance signals, personally provides expert tips and trading opportunities to its VIP members.

5. Fed Russian Insiders

Fed Russian Insiders is a Binance signal-sharing Telegram channel that provides comprehensive market information through its commentary posts about the fear and greed index, recent market developments, and Binance statistics.

This Telegram channel mainly focuses on short, mid, and long-term alt-coin holds and margin signals. It has over 140 thousand users who praise it for its accurate, timely, and well-planned Binance tips that often target soon-to-skyrocket alt-tokens.

Binance market analysis experts

Fed Russian Insiders is ideal for beginners because it averages 60 Binance signals monthly and focuses on Fibonacci sequences. Although the free members of the channel won’t see as many trading signals as its VIP members, you can still learn to trade for free by following its expert team’s tips.

Fed Russian Insiders’ exceptional risk management team cooperates with its professional group of traders, resulting in constantly profitable opportunities and high signal accuracy rates. It’s also one of the best Telegram channels for pre-pump alerts, as it often posts its predictions hours or days before entry ranges hit, allowing you to prepare in advance.

To get the most out of Fed Russian Insiders, you should become a VIP member by subscribing to its 1-month, 3-month, or lifetime membership plans. This channel offers additional bonuses for joining, including resources like trading guides, courses, books, and professional insights, with an estimated value of over $30,000.

6. Crypto Inner Circle

Crypto Inner Circle has over 140 thousand subscribers, including crypto enthusiasts, novices, and experienced traders. It’s an outstanding source of Binance signals and general crypto information, which allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the market and make more informed investments.

Thanks to its skilled team of traders and market analysts, Crypto Inner Circle is one of the fastest-growing Telegram channels. The best part about this channel is that you don’t have to become a VIP member to access its in-depth strategy guides and Binance signals.

Best Telegram Binance group

This Telegram channel features a spam-free, professional environment because only the admins can post, and there are no filler posts. You can expect risk management tips, expert trading advice, Binance signals, and success reports from this channel.

Although Crypto Inner Circle is free to join, its VIP members get the most out of this channel. To become a VIP member, you need to subscribe to a 1-month, 3-month, or life-long membership, gaining access to an elite trading community that’s profit-focused and accurate.

As a VIP member, you’ll have access to Crypto Inner Circle’s premium market analysis, allowing you to make informed investments before most others. You can also expect exceptionally-profitable high-leverage signals that are available only to its VIP members.

7. Wolf of Trading

Wolf of Trading aims to provide free trading signals complemented by expert market analysis, goal projections, and risk management tips. It has over 130 thousand members who benefit from its accurate daily Binance signals and daily trading tips.

Besides Binance, which supports over 150 coins and more than 19 flat currencies, Wolf of Trading provides expert tips on BitMex, a derivatives-only exchange. This channel shares all sorts of signals, including short, mid, and long-term crypto opportunities, making it ideal for beginners who want to try everything out and learn as much as possible.

Free Telegram Binance signals

Wolf of Trading has no VIP membership subscriptions, meaning you won’t be behind anyone on the priority list, allowing you to make quick and profitable trades at no cost. Thanks to its risk management tips, you will always have a stop-loss suggestion using this channel, which minimizes the probability of losing your money.

What we like about this channel is its habit of warning its users of a high volatility period and advising them to stop trading for some time if the channel’s experts notice a market manipulation trend.

This channel is ideal for beginners and enthusiasts interested in more than just Binance signals. Besides its accurate Binance signals, Wolf of Trading provides valuable resources on the dynamic cryptocurrency market and offers valuable insights into the world’s leading currency changes like the USD.

8. Wallstreet Queen Official

Wallstreet Queen Official is a rapidly growing Telegram signal-sharing channel with over 130 thousand subscribers. Its owner is one of the best female traders, with exceptional risk management and safe investing skills.

The channel is VIP members-oriented, as it provides the best high-leverage signals with huge potential, making it an outstanding choice for experienced traders looking to win big. However, its free users get daily signals that are no-leverage or low-leverage based, allowing them to constantly make money while attaining a deeper understanding of how the market works.

Best Telegram Binance Signals Channel

It will also post pre-pump signals free of charge, letting its free users invest with its VIP users on tokens with high skyrocketing potential.

Wallstreet Queen Official mainly focuses on BTC and ETH trading, but it also provides regular updates on alt-coin trends and market-relevant news. That means you can learn to compare and analyze the market trends to predict the rise of certain coins and improve your trading skills.

Following its in-depth market analysis methods, you will make more informed investments and likely develop your own trading strategies. However, you’ll reach a higher level of knowledge sooner by becoming a VIP member, as they have access to the channel’s insider tips and exclusive content.

To become a member of its private VIP channel, you must subscribe to a 1-month, 3-month, or life-long subscription plan. You’ll enjoy a constant flow of information invaluable for your crypto market experience, as it’s a highly volatile environment that needs frequent updates.

9. Bitcoin Bullets

Bitcoin Bullets is a renowned trading community with a high Binance signal accuracy rate and over 50 thousand subscribers. While this channel values quality over quantity, its expert team of market analysts and professional traders enables it to post multiple signals daily.

Apart from trading signals, this Telegram channel is a valuable source of information on recent market developments, news, and long-term investment strategies. With access to that information, you’ll make more informed investment decisions and gain a deeper understanding of the market.

high-leverage binance signals

Bitcoin Bullets’ VIP members can expect timely buy-in signals, allowing them to prepare for their investments in advance. You can become a VIP member by subscribing to a 1-month, 3-month, or life-long subscription plan and notifying Bitcoin Bullets’ team of your purchase.

Having a constant source of expert-verified tips is an invaluable asset in the ever-changing crypto trading scene. By joining Bitcoin Bullets, you’ll learn how to avoid risky investments by following the fear and greed index, Binance statistics, and other crucial factors.

Bitcoin Bullets features an exceptionally responsive customer support service that will help you overcome any issues you might encounter. That means both novice and experienced traders can benefit from Bitcoin Bullets’ expert team and their ideas regarding your unique trading position.

10. Binance Signals

Binance Signals is a rapidly-growing source of free Binance signals without VIP membership benefits, allowing you to get first-hand investment tips at no cost. It mostly posts short-term and mid-term signals, and stresses out multiple possible outcomes, allowing its users to have a deeper understanding of the possible consequences regarding their investing strategy.

That means you can use Binance Signals to empower your existing strategy or adapt to Binance Signals’ expert team strategy. What we like about this channel is its habit of posting its goal projections.

Binance Signals free Telegram

Goal projections posted by this channel allow you to have a long-term plan for a specific crypto token and get frequent updates. Binance Signals’ professional analysts and traders will notify you of the token’s resistance points and liquidity and provide risk management tips.

The channel focuses on no-leverage and low-leverage trading signals, which provide a steady income for patient traders, making it ideal for beginners. However, experienced traders will benefit from the channel’s liquidation charts and crypto news analysis.

By joining Binance Signals, you can expect regular Crypto Price Index (CPI) and Producer Price Index (PPI) data releases, including a commentary and potential warnings. Staying informed about the crypto ecosystem is mandatory to avoid otherwise inevitable and natural losses.

You should join this channel if you are looking for a reliable source of expert tips, information, and trading signals geared towards slow-paced but steady winnings.

11. CoinSniper

CoinSniper is the leading crypto auditor that focuses on assessing crypto and verifying them before they are introduced to the larger crypto crowd. Getting verified by CoinSniper is considered a big deal for any cryptocurrency project that wants to acquire customer trust.

crypto telegram group CoinSniper

CoinSniper’s main service is independently auditing the cryptocurrency project. It assesses the project’s team, tokenomics, utilities, and roadmap, and assesses its viability within the crypto space. Some of the best new cryptocurrencies like Tamadoge entered their presale after an assessment by CoinSniper.

CoinSniper’s official Telegram channel keeps people informed about all things crypto and offers advanced info on the latest cryptocurrencies. Recently for example CoinSniper alerted their following that Shopayment token had some red flags and were one of the first sources to do so.

At the time of writing, CoinSniper’s Telegram subscribers number over 26,000.

12. InsideBitcoins

InsideBitcoins run another of the best crypto Telegram groups to keep up with the latest happenings of the crypto industry. From altcoin and Bitcoin price predictions to the latest crypto assets about to launch, InsideBitcoins offers everything.


Unbiased and focused on providing the real news about crypto, InsideBitcoins focuses on assessing a realistic situation of the crypto market to keep investors updated.

While the InsideBitcoins Telegram group is new, it is quickly gaining ground. Join it today if you want to keep up with the crypto market in real time.

13. ICO Analytics

Rather than solely focusing on price movements of the listed cryptocurrencies, ICO Analytics send updates about the latest crypto ICOs and presales. Members receive regular alerts instantly after the listing announcements so that they can get into action and start the crypto transfer to make gains.

ICO Analytics Telegram Channel

ICO analytics is also great for learning about underrated cryptos — assets with great potential but are not much talked about.

Beyond listing ICOs, ICO Analytics also shows the recent private fundraising events. The official telegram is also great for keeping an eye on the latest token generation events – the conclusion of presales.

That said, because the information it provides is so niche, ICO Analytics doesn’t post every day – which can be considered a negative to those looking to stay in touch with the latest happenings of the crypto market.

14. Unfolded

Rather than focusing on crypto discussion centered around a coin or price movements, Unfolded (the exact Telegram channel name is ‘unfolded.‘ in lowercase with a full stop) is a feed of cryptocurrency news.


The latest crypto news updates that might affect the market are all covered in a curated list covering all cryptocurrency websites across the internet.

There are many crypto Telegram news channels, but having been a follower for a while, we noticed Unfolded is one of the best places for crypto news alerts on Telegram, posting daily and not missing anything in the headlines. It is one of the most popular crypto Telegram channels, now with around 100,000 subscribers.

How Can You Avoid Telegram Crypto Scams

Some crypto Telegram channels center around one altcoin, others give trade alerts, some put out crypto Youtube video content, and others are a feed of cryptocurrency news. Be careful you’re joining the right group, however, as there are Telegram scams crypto investors can fall victim to.

Get the link from the official website, Twitter profile, first Google result (not a Google ad), etc., then check the @ handle matches. Also, check the follower count, although even those can be faked with bot followers.

Don’t reply to DMs – no admin will ever offer to trade for you or tell you about a special promotion or crypto airdrop over a direct message. They would just post about that in the group and answer your questions there (if you ask a question, scammers are more likely to target you. They will use the same profile pic and name as the official group, only a slightly different @ handle. Only those are unique.

ASCII symbols are used by scammers to represent letters in @ handles, like the letter ‘l’.

How to Download Telegram

We also recommend downloading Telegram from the official website, as if downloaded from the App Store, some Telegram groups are banned and not visible. Occasionally Apple censors crypto content.

It is also possible to view Telegram in a web browser without downloading it to your desktop or mobile.

Once you open a Telegram account, adjust the settings so you can’t be messaged by people outside your contacts, and your phone number is not visible to others.


Our guide on the best crypto Telegram groups has thoroughly reviewed 14 top contenders, picked to cater to a diverse range of investors. We’ve tried to meet the needs of both beginners and more experienced investors, featuring both free and subscription-based options.

This was done to make sure that every crypto enthusiast regardless of their level of knowledge finds a group that fits their needs and helps them stay informed and connected.

FAQs on Crypto Telegram Channels

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