Metropoly real estate
Anyone with investing experience knows that real estate is one of the most sought-after markets in the world. Still, those without sufficient funds are typically excluded from the investment market.

However, a new cryptocurrency initiative called Metropoly is revolutionizing the real estate sector with its NFT-based platform.

The project will make real estate investing easier and more accessible to the average investor, allowing them to begin with as little as $100 and grow into successful real estate investors.

Its $METRO native token has raised around $600,000, representing 59% of its presale target.

Smoother Access Into Real Estate

Metropoly is the first decentralized non-fungible token (NFT) real estate marketplace. Here, real estate investors can access NFTs that stand in for real estate assets while generating passive income.

Every property on the platform has been thoroughly investigated and certified, and interested investors can access them without requiring paperwork, additional fees, or lenders.

The investment properties provide investors with guaranteed monthly rental income while retaining the asset’s value until they sell their fractions.

One of Metropoly’s primary goals is to enhance total real estate transaction efficiency – the platform aims to cut the time to buy a house from up to three months to just over a minute by tokenizing real estate properties and placing them all on a single platform.


All advantages of a real estate investment are available to Metropoly NFT holders. For instance, holders can benefit from capital appreciation by reselling their assets when their market value rises.

Also, Investors won’t have to wait days to sell their shares because the initiative is set up to maximize liquidity.

Furthermore, investors can earn passive income from developed properties that generate rental income.

Rental yields will be distributed in the form of USDC stablecoin and will be instantly transferable to users’ wallets.

Integrating Blockchain Technology With Real Estate

The average individual can invest in income-producing properties worldwide with the help of the straightforward and user-friendly Metropoly platform, starting at just $100.

Metropoly developers guarantee that each home will be personally evaluated by seasoned realtors working for the company.

Properties are available as either long-term rental homes or vacation homes, and there are no shady operations, as investors can examine property inspection reports before selecting a potential investment.

Because the NFTs are divided into fractions, everyone can own real estate for as little as $100. Users can trade their fractions around the clock on the Metropoly Marketplace or a third-party NFT marketplace powered by the Ethereum blockchain, like Opensea.

The Metropoly NFTs can also be used for other functions in the ecosystem. This includes trading them in secondary markets, using them as collateral for loans, proof of ownership or validity, or as digital collectibles.

Each NFT is connected to a unique promissory note that represents the investment made in the asset. The property does not change hands until someone owns 100% of all the fractions of a real estate NFT and wants to transfer it.

The company will give the user all the necessary documents and instructions in this case.

Diversify Your Portfolio by Investing In $METRO

$METRO is an ERC-20 token running the Metropoly ecosystem. The token mainly rewards investors or pays for listed real estate NFTs.

At press time, the digital asset trades at $0.0625 per token, and interested investors can acquire the token with ETH, USDT, and BNB.

The project has garnered attention from crypto enthusiasts, and there are almost two thousand participants in its ongoing presale.

$METRO has entered its ninth presale stage and raised over $598,000, representing 59 percent of its presale target.

To assure the security of the METRO token and its holders, CertiK and Solidproof – two of the top blockchain security firms – conducted a security audit of Metropoly.

The audits looked at Metropoly’s staff, smart contracts, and specifications to ensure they adhered to strict Web3 requirements.

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