Anyone with investment experience understands that real estate is currently one of the most popular spaces in the world. However, the landscape for investing in real estate has generally been closed off to people who lack sufficient capital.

However, a new crypto project, Metropoly, is transforming the real estate industry with its NFT-based marketplace. The project provides a new way for people to invest in real estate, making it more simple and more accessible to the average investor. Investors can get started with as little as $100 and be proud real estate investors from anywhere in the world.

Easier Access to Real Estate Assets

Metropoly bills itself as the world’s first decentralized non-fungible token (NFT) real estate marketplace. Here real estate investors will be able to access NFTs that represent actual real estate properties while earning passive income. All properties on the platform have been vetted and verified, and Metropoly makes them easily available to all interested investors.

One of Metropoly’s primary goals is to improve the overall efficiency of real estate transactions. By tokenizing real estate properties and putting them all on a single platform, it hopes to reduce the time it takes to purchase a property from up to three months to just over a minute.

Investors can start their portfolios with as little as $100 on the platform, as all assets on the platform are tokenized and fractionalized.

Holding an NFT from Metropoly entitles an investor to all the benefits of a real estate investment. For instance, holders can take advantage of capital appreciation by selling their assets on the open marketplace once their value surges. With the project poised to optimize liquidity, investors won’t have to wait for days to sell their shares.

Additionally, investors can earn passive income directly from developed properties that generate rental income. Rental yields will be distributed in the form of the USDC stablecoin and will be immediately transferrable to users’ wallets.

Another significant benefit of Metropoly is that investors are not required to do anything to keep their properties in good condition. All listed properties will be maintained by Metropoly’s team of property managers, who will be in charge of collecting rent payments and keeping all assets in proper condition.

Metropoly Beta 2.0 Is Now Live

The much-awaited beta version of Metropoly went live earlier this month, offering a dashboard where investors can test the platform. The version offers access to Metropoly’s premium features, including asset trading, auctions, and mortgages. Additionally, users will be able to view monthly cash flow payouts made directly into their wallets in the form of USDT.

A new version with advanced personalization tools is rumored to be released soon. Although no specific date has been set, users will enjoy a more personalized experience.

METRO’s Presale Is On

Metropoly operates using its native token, METRO. The digital asset will power transactions within the Metropoly ecosystem while providing users platform control via Metropoly’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

METRO is now available on presale as part of the initial product rollout. The asset has had quite an impressive outing, with over $559,000 now raised, which marks 56% of the minimum goal for the presale.

Investors can purchase METRO tokens at $0.625 each. The tokens are ERC-20 utility tokens with a maximum supply of 1 billion, and payments can be made in ETH, UDST, and BNB.

Buy METRO on Presale Now