In a trailblazing move aimed at accelerating mainstream adoption of Web3 gaming, Immutable has unveiled ‘The Main Quest’ – an unprecedented rewards program boasting a staggering $50 million in token rewards.

Representing the largest rewards initiative of its kind in the blockchain gaming sphere thus far, the program seeks to solidify Immutable’s position as a frontrunner in the race to revolutionize the gaming industry through decentralized solutions.

The Main Quest: Rewarding Innovation and Player Engagement

Launched in partnership with the Digital Worlds Foundation, the goal of The Main Quest is to catalyze user engagement within Immutable’s growing ecosystem, which already features an impressive lineup of over 270 games in active development.

By offering substantial incentives, Immutable seeks to entice players to delve into the immersive worlds of cutting-edge Web3 games, experience the tangible benefits of digital ownership, and ultimately, drive widespread adoption of decentralized gaming platforms.

“This is single-handedly the largest rewards program in Web3 gaming”, highlighted Robbie Ferguson, President and Co-founder of Immutable.

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“We are excited to launch this first leg with some of the most anticipated projects in web3 gaming today, and as more of our 300+ signed games go to market, the opportunities for players to be rewarded by the Immutable ecosystem will grow exponentially. Web3 gaming is here – and this is just the start,” the crypto executive added.

Games Spearheading the Main Quest

The launch phase of The Main Quest will benefit 10 highly anticipated Web3 gaming titles, each poised to captivate players with their unique gameplay experiences and immersive virtual worlds. These pioneering projects are:

  1. Blast Royale.
  2. Guild of Guardians.
  3. Hunters on Chain.
  4. Illuvium.
  5. MetalCore.
  6. Pixelmon.
  7. Pool Masters.
  8. Space Nation.
  9. The Bornless.
  10. Treeverse

How to Earn Rewards and Unlock In-Game Benefits – Is It Worth It?

To earn rewards through The Main Quest, new and existing players can acquire Gems by participating in a variety of constantly evolving tasks and quests. These Gems can then be redeemed for corresponding rewards on IMX’s gems claim page.

Players who engage with the titles and applications available within the Immutable ecosystem will be eligible for bonus incentives and rewards including game tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be used in-game to maximize the rewards users will obtain for their achievements.

This all seems great, but we don’t yet know how much of the prize pool that individual users will be able to claim so it’s difficult to tell whether it will be worth exploring. However, the prize pool is so large that it is by far the largest reward for a crypto gaming program ever (and maybe in all of gaming) and the user base of web3 gaming is still quite small at the moment. It could be enormously lucrative to get in early, especially if there are good ways to maximize rewards without spending too much time on the games.

Keep an eye out for more reporting on this program’s potential returns and which games seem to be the most profitable.

Immutable Launches Nexus – A Tool to Create Tailored Gaming Infrastructures

immutable nexus cater to game studios seeking to build tailored side-chains

Complementing The Main Quest is the launch of the Immutable Nexus, a groundbreaking collection of interrelated blockchains that combines zkEVM (short for zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine) gaming chains and dedicated zkEVM. Zk or ‘Zero-knowledge’ indicates the way the network is secured. It uses a cryptographic tool called zero-knowledge proofs to make transactions extremely secure and fast, without nearly any of the downsides of most blockchains. They’re just famously difficult to develop. EVM simply means that it is compatible with Ethereum-based platforms, making it easy for developers to port over their games and apps.

Nexus provides game studios with a resource to create their own side chains by offering customization alternatives, liquidity, and interoperability with the Immutable mainnet.

Studios have been craving for this type of solution as they seek to scale and create tailored solutions to their unique needs.

Driving Adoption and Shaping the Future of Gaming

With more than 270 titles currently in development within Immutable’s ecosystem, the platform is well-positioned to attract a wide range of players and developers seeking to explore the benefits of blockchain gaming.

The Main Quest rewards program along with the Immutable Nexus ecosystem represents a significant step forward in driving mainstream adoption and engagement in the Web3 gaming space.

By incentivizing players with substantial rewards and providing game studios with the tools and infrastructure needed to create and operate their own chains, Immutable is paving the way for a future where decentralized gaming becomes an enticing alternative for both niche and traditional videogame companies, offering unparalleled asset ownership experiences, transparency, and immersive experiences.

Arbitrum Approves GCP Gaming Ecosystem Growth Fund

Immutable’s record-breaking $50 million prize pool is only the beginning. It will soon be surpassed by The Arbitrum Foundation, the creators of the Layer 2 network Arbitrum. The foundation recently approved an ambitious plan to allocate 200 million ARB tokens, worth approximately $400 million at current prices, to foster the growth of Web3 gaming on its blockchain.

Named the “Gaming Catalyst Program” (GCP), this groundbreaking initiative aims to entice game publishers and builders to create new games and migrate existing ones to the Arbitrum ecosystem. With such a gargantuan allotment, the gaming seen on Arbitrum is destined for ludicrous growth.

The goal of the GCP is to rapidly accelerate Arbitrum’s support for game builders and strategically allocate resources to attract and retain top talent in the gaming industry. By offering substantial funding, mentorship, and other forms of assistance, Arbitrum hopes to position itself as the premier platform for Web3 game development.

The proposal was voted and passed on 18 April with a few modifications to the original draft including spreading the distribution of the $400 million fund over three years along with changes to governance and allocation policies.