Today, content marketing is essential for any business with an online presence. Content is the foundation on which a business shares information, ranks for SEO, and stands out online.

Content marketing needs constant work and can be time-consuming. Some of the key tasks in content marketing include topic research, gathering data, and the actual writing. Marketers also need to include SEO and ensure that their content is properly distributed.

Content marketing is a multi-step process that needs to be carried out on a regular basis. Managing tasks and also maintaining high quality consistently is challenging. But thanks to advances in AI, it’s possible to automate many non-critical but important tasks. Content marketing automation offers many benefits to businesses.

  • Automation will free up time to focus on important long-term strategies. You’ll be able to improve the quality of your content across different touchpoints
  • It makes personalization and customer segmentation possible. You’ll build better customer experiences that lead to conversions and brand loyalty
  • Using automation allows for better insights with data analysis. You can track your visitors’ activities and understand your customers better. You’ll also create more useful content and understand what works and what doesn’t.

You can use automation right from the planning and research phase, to the creation of content, to its distribution. Here’s how it looks when you automate different content marketing activities.

Idea Generation

Finding suitable content topics is time-consuming but essential. You need to identify keywords and study trends in the domain you’re writing about. This takes time and is often error-prone.

Today, AI powers content curation and makes it possible to identify trends in content. You can use a content research platform to find content ideas and suggest content formats. Using automation for idea generation will make it easier to create blog post titles. It will also help you relevant content that people are looking for.

Automated Reports

You can only improve your content marketing efforts by knowing what’s working and what isn’t. Automation can help you get in-depth information that will help you build better content.

Tools like Google Analytics automatically send you reports for the pages and posts that perform well on your site. You can add Analytics to your WordPress site to understand how people interact with your content.

Adding Analytics gives powerful insights to power content marketing

You’ll get helpful insights on the content that’s driving conversions and traffic. Such information will inform and improve your content creation process.

Content Workflow Automation

Content workflow refers to the set of tasks you follow to create and publish content. Workflows make it easier to keep track of the progress of your content creation.

You can work with content workflow tools online to create a centralized location for your blog posts and articles. A workflow platform will automatically notify people about new tasks and their progress. You can also publish to different platforms at the same time or schedule posts. Content workflow automation is a helpful way to improve your content building activities.

Social Media Management

Publishing your content on different platforms can be time-consuming, and tedious. You can make better use of time by using social media management tools to distribute content.

Social media management platforms allow you to schedule and post content to multiple platforms. These tools are also useful when you need to post the same content several times a day. People use social media at different times; you’ll be able to reach more people by posting more than once a day.

Social media management tools also enable sentiment analysis and social listening. You’ll get timely data on what people are saying about your brand and how they feel about it.

Drip Campaigns

In any business, there are online activities or events that happen repetitively. Drip email campaigns allow you to create a set of pre-written emails that launch when users perform specific actions. For example, a user signing up on an event registration form will launch a drip-email campaign. Your users will then automatically get tickets and other information in their inbox.

You can also create drip content for an online course or subscription site using tools that allow users restricted access to content on your membership site. Drip campaigns allow you to leverage content over and over again. It automates content delivery and allows you to focus on looking after real problems.

Use Automation to Drive Better Content Creation

Content marketing automation enables businesses to save time and effort on repetitive tasks. You can boost your content marketing efforts with the help of useful tools and strategies. Automation allows you to gain insights into your audience. It helps you deliver consistently high-quality content in a timely manner.

Use automation to not only serve your audience but to also be more creative and productive in your content marketing efforts.