If you are involved in content marketing, you know that one of the biggest challenges is how to create great content. Quality content is not only an effective and essential tool to get new customers, but it also has a great impact on your brand & brand awareness.

A great analogy I once heard to describe repurposing content is with food. I love food…so obviously I love this analogy: You can’t make a totally new and different dinner dish every night. With the cost and time, you have to repeat the different ingredients. The same goes with repurposing content: By repurposing your content, you can take previous content and adapt it to a new content angle. This includes applying the general topic, images and research to a new work. You would never want to waste your leftovers (would you?), so you find other innovative ways to use them!

The Best Ways to Repurpose Content

1, Start with a core idea: think of all of the possible ways and audiences you could write this idea for. By creating content with repurposing it in mind, you leave yourself room to re-work the piece.

It’s important to have this flexible mindset. One topic can go a long way and be distributed across multiple types of content.

2. When repurposing content, it’s important to lay out ALL of your marketing platforms:
Blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Roojoom, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Webinar….the list goes on and on.

By doing this, you open up a world of opportunities for your content repurposing.

3. Make a visual Powerpoint styled presentation on Slideshare or Roojoom to widen your audience

Unfamiliar with these tools?

Slideshare is a site where you can host your presentations and share them with others. It makes it simple for you to share your PowerPoints by simply uploading your documents to their database. Upload your already-created content to Slideshare: re-shape it with images and other visuals to embrace the unique visitors number. The Slideshare below demonstrates both an example of using the tool as well as content-repurposing tips.

Content Repurposing 60-day Plan from msamboy

Unlike Slideshare that simply allows you upload PowerPoints,Roojoom is a new tool that enables you to create a presentation. I’ve tried out this beta for a bit and so far have found that Roojoom is a great and efficient presentation tool that transforms my content into an engaging presentation on a specific topic. I’ve started using this tool to educate my customers and audience about my company by building online guides and presentations.

4. Add an ounce of freshness. Repurposing is not re-sharing the same exact thing. You need to freshen it up. Whether it be with a new and engaging photo, re-wording a point, tweeting a quote, etc.

For example, suppose you want to share your content…again. Your article about CrossFit hasn’t been getting as much activity as you want it to in the past week or so…By re-purposing it or pairing it with relevant articles and images as the person did in this Roojoom, you create what’s basically a new canvas for your content!

You’ll be amazed at the “new” content that can be regenerated…you just have to take the time and proper methods to do so.

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