Of the entire US, millennials or those born from the 1980s to 2000s have the largest population. With over 92 million millennials comprising this generation, it’s considered as the biggest in the history of the US. So, if you want to reach a greater audience for your content, you should woo millennials.

How to Create Content that Millennials Will Absolutely Love

There are different types of living generations in America; the GI generation, mature/silents, baby boomers, generation X, and generation Y or millennials. Of course, only a few to none of those in the GI generation and mature/silents live up to this present day. And, of those left, the millennials have the largest population.

To date, the millennials are in their prime years where they get to impact the economy through working and spending. So, if you’re eyeing a larger audience for your content, it’s great to target and pursue the millennials.

Getting to know the millennials

The millennials, also referred to as the 9/11 generation, echo boomers, and generation x, are those born between 1980 and 2000. They came of age during the rise of technology making them the first generation of the techy ones. Because of growing up in a digital environment, they haven’t experienced the world without advanced technology such as computers and the Internet.

Because of their unlimited and wide access to different types of information, they are also said to be the most educated and the most digital literate. And, to find them, you must go online.

Creating content for millennials

To target a specific age group or audience, you have to tailor-fit your content to their specific needs and interests. In targeting millennials, you need to make sure that the content you serve them is something they love and are interested in.

With that, here are practical but effective tips and tricks on creating content tailor-fit for the largest generation – the millennials:

1. Incorporate visuals.

According to statistics, 55 percent of millennials could not live without captivating visuals. But, visuals are more appealing to female millennials. For women alone, the percentage is much higher – 72 percent.

To leverage the millennials’ love for visuals, you must incorporate visuals into your content posts at least once in a while. Visual content can be in the form of videos, infographics, images, memes, presentations, comics, interactive games, etc.

In creating and posting visuals, make sure that you are the first to find your visuals appealing and interesting. Make it something you would like to share with anyone. Use good photos, filters, texts, etc. Be creative, novel, and relatable.

2. Use stories over ads.

Unlike the traditional eras, advertisements don’t appeal much to the millennial generation. Millennials like stories better – real and relatable stories. They prefer company brands who offer content that isn’t sales-y.

Through storytelling, you can build a more personal connection with your audience. Not only that, you can establish loyalty too. Put aside your goal to advertise your brand and pursue building a relationship with your audience first; then, the watch as the rewards will naturally follow.

At present, there’s one creative way to share stories online; it’s through Snapchat, a hit social channel with 100+ million daily active users. It’s a cheap and convenient way to share photos and video snaps that engage the audience well.

3. Be mobile-ready.

76% of millennials own a smartphone, and 90% use social network sites. In fact, 83% sleep with their mobile devices. These numbers are enough reasons to make sure all your content are optimized for mobile devices.

The millennial generation often uses their mobile devices to browse online. And, most of them abandon sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. A mobile-optimized content isn’t only a requirement for millennials; it’s also a Google requirement.

How? Make your site mobile responsive. Monitor your site’s navigation and UX. For your content to be more appealing to read, consider creating varying lengths of content or repurposing lengthy posts into smaller or mobile-size pieces.

4. Establish a personality.

Because millennials want to express themselves through different brands, they are on the lookout for brands that have a personality. They are looking for brands that possess the personality they can easily relate to, i.e. values, etc.

So, to create content that millennials will love, make sure that what you offer them can be a reflection of their style and personality. Get to know the different types of millennials and create personalized content to appeal to them.

Once you’ve created your brand’s personality, reinforce it across the different social media channels every time you publish content. Once you have successfully established your personality, millennials will think of you as a friend.

5. Offer authenticity.

Millennials are looking for authenticity. So, your content has to be genuine and not sales-y. They prefer reading content that seems to be written by an actual person rather than by a salesperson. Be a friend first, pursue business later.

Make it your priority to always exude authenticity on all your content. Authenticity will naturally drive engagement, loyalty, and trust from the millennials. Just focus on being authentic and the rewards will come by with less effort.

Level up your brand quality with a touch of “realness”. Write in a more casual and personal tone, incorporate real-life stories in your content, and connect with millennials using your personal social profiles. Reach them on a personal level.

With the booming online trend, it’s much easier to market your content to the millennial generation. Practice and experiment on the different tips and tricks above to create a content millennials will surely love!