Should Summer Content Be Different Than Regular Content for My Business?

Yes, ideally summer content is different than content in say winter, spring or fall! Why?

  • Content needs to be fresh!
  • Content needs to be new!
  • Content needs to engage people!
  • Content needs to connect with people on a personal level!
  • Content needs to drive people to action!
  • Content needs to evoke emotions!
  • Content needs to grab people’s attention!
  • Content needs to answer a pressing question!
  • Content needs to link to relevant articles!

In order to hit on all of these points, content needs to contain

  • attention-grabbing visuals
  • killer headlines
  • easy to read, segmented text

and relevant information…

Relevant Content vs Evergreen Content

What is relevant content, what is evergreen content and how does it differ?

Relevant Content

  • adds value to that specific audience
  • builds trust
  • is believable or authentic
  • timely

Evergreen Content

  • adds value about a specific topic
  • builds your authority as an expert
  • is fact based
  • has a timeless topic

Therefore, relevant content includes post about seasons, holidays and weather whereas evergreen posts will be mostly how-to’s, case-studies (although those could be relevant as well!) and research.

Is Summer Time Content Relevant Content?

When people are on vacation, or looking forward to a vacation, when it’s the last day of school, when graduation time is near, people love seeing other people doing the same fun summer time activities! It connects them with others who feel the same and act the same. It’s what makes social media ‘social’.

As a business, how can you take advantage of this knowledge about relevant content?

Here is where it gets interesting.

As a business, you are still working, even if it’s summer. In fact, here in Myrtle Beach, summer time is the busiest time of year. Should we be posting relevant or evergreen content? The simple answer is both! If you’ve been doing only one (whether its evergreen or relevant), spice it up.

If you are a business owner and in charge of your own social media, or even if you have assistance in the form of a social media manager, take advantage of summer to create and post some cool relevant content to spice up your summer and (re)connect on a new level with your audience!

I’ve created this fun infographic to give you a few ideas, as listed per industry, but please know that this is just the tip of the iceberg for content ideas!

Cool content ideas for summer time fun for increased engagement for your business

What can (and will) creating and posting relevant summer time content do for your business?

Creating and posting fun summer content for your business can do…a lot! Here are some things to keep in mind as you brainstorm ideas for your summer content.

1. People might not be on social media as often when on vacation, but when they are on social media, they are more relaxed and stay engaged longer. This makes a great case for adding video in your content strategy!

2. At a time when many people are relaxing and vacationing, they are also on their mobile devices more vs being on their desktops. Make sure the relevant content you produce is mobile friendly!

3. Summer is a great time to showcase the more personal side to your business. It’s easy to do and people will feel connected, for sure.

4. Include content about the holidays and life events that happen every summer – i.e. graduation, last day of school, summer camps, 4th of July, vacation trips, start of college, back to school, Labor Day.

Relevant summer time content ideas
I encourage you to create a content calendar for your business and look at June, July and August. Plan out your strategy. Plan to take video, run a summer photo contest, volunteer at a summer festival etc. and (re)connect with your audience in a more relaxed atmosphere.

You. Can. Do. It.

Have a fun summer!