What is a cloud service? Cloud service is a manner of using the internet to save, manage and process data. Big companies, such as Amazon and IBM already take advantage of cloud services to manage and secure their company files. You may not be aware of this, but even small businesses can use and benefit from a cloud computing system. A cloud service can save time, resources as well as provide flexibility and security for your business. Find out more why your business should start using cloud services.

Backing Up Your Data

Backing up files is one of the most essential things that any business organization should do to ensure order and security and there are several benefits to having a reliable backup system. System crashes, for example, which are not uncommon in many business organizations, can result in you losing important data that are crucial to the operation of your company. Examples of these critical data include accounting files and customer databases. An available backup allows you to retrieve and restore copies of the lost files, saving you the trouble of losing your company’s records.

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You can store backups in a second hard drive, recordable CDs and DVDs and USB flash drives but if you still do backups the traditional way, you may have already noticed how much time the process takes. Copying large files from the computer can take time so your staff would have to commit a considerable amount of time to getting files copied and backed up. With a cloud system, backup is done automatically. You simply have to assign a special folder or directory that gets automatically synced to your cloud service account.

Cost of Cloud Services

Many businesses are cautious about using cloud services to store data because of their perceived high cost. How much do you spend on disks, memory cards and hard drives to have multiple copies and backups of your company files and data? You might actually be spending more if you don’t use cloud services to back up your files. In addition to this, using disks, memory cards and hard drives is not very safe because these storage devices are prone to getting corrupted, damaged and even lost. How much does it cost to store your data in the clouds? There are cloud storage providers that can actually store and back up your data at no cost. Dropbox, for example, allows you to store 2GB worth of data for free. You can always upgrade to a premium business account starting at $7.95 per year if you need more storage. There are also a number of other cloud storage providers that can accommodate you should you need more flexibility and features. There is SugarSync, Google Drive and Bitcasa.

More Flexibility for Your Organization

Google Apps can store and keep backups of your files in the cloud as well as provide you with cloud computing tools that are essential for your business. These tools make it possible for your team to work on one single task regardless of their location. There are also cloud service providers that specialize in cloud based phone systems, such as RingCentral. Cloud services on internet phones can help boost the efficiency of your business communications.


Storing your backups at your office can be risky. They may be stolen or accessed by an unauthorized person. CDs and hard drives can also get corrupted which is why you should consider storing your data in the clouds. Cloud service companies can secure your data in an encrypted network infrastructure so you do not have to worry about somebody getting their hands on your sensitive files.

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