Have you heard automation is the new black? And what better automation of a process than using a computer software to perform humanlike activities aka Artificial Intelligence (AI). Whether we realize it or not, artificial intelligence is all around us, playing an active role in our daily lives. The fun part is that many of us fear it just because we don’t know its real power and what wonders we can do with it.

Sure, there are pros and cons of AI, but if we just focus on the pros, we can keep the cons under control. Artificial intelligence can not only make our lives better, it can supercharge our businesses. Automotive, healthcare, finance, travel, and so many other industries can perfect their businesses with it. Here are the three key areas of a business that can be automated with AI.


Artificial intelligence is the king of automating the marketing side of your business. I am gonna say that louder for the businesses that run paid ads as a part of their marketing strategy.

AI sorts your customer contacts however you want, interest-wise, demographics-wise, subscription status wise, etc. You can automate and customize emails for different categories of your customers. There are a number of software solutions for automated email marketing. If your business isn’t using one, you are already behind the game.

Then there are chatbots that automate online marketing of your business. These bots talk to your potential customers visiting your website or social media pages, suggest them products and services, and bring you more sales.

Last but not least, AI is a friend of paid marketing. You can study your potential customers by their browning history and social activities and interests, and target your ads accordingly. AI helps you give customers what they want exactly when they want it.

Customer Service

Long gone are the days when you had to have a salesperson on the computer screen 24/7 just to answer the queries of your customers. Today, AI does the job for you. Now when a customer drops a message on your website or social media pages to ask about anything, the machine learning algorithm fully understands their need and responds in a personalized and human way. The algorithm manipulates human language and communicates with the customer.

Have you recently called a bank? Of course, you have. Notice how the computer voice understands your questions and tells you everything you need to do to get your answers? That’s AI in its simplest shape.

A more advanced machine learning algorithm can tell what a customer needs help with by watching their activities on your page and offer assistance before they even ask. How cool is that? Imagine a visitor going through your website looking for a product, and the AI algorithm watches them struggle to find that product for a few minutes, and then drops a message like “Hey John, are you looking for the deals for a trip to Bali? Go to exclusive summer deals and you’ll find some there.” Now, that’s customer service done right.

Similarly, AI-powered cognitive assistants can help your business automate processes of online bookings, order cancellations, refunds, information verification, etc.


AI can revolutionize sales by finding you the highest potential customers for your business. Basically, what you do is feed the AI algorithm with a series of attributes and characteristics of your ideal and highest potential prospects. The algorithm then studies the behavior of new page visitors and finds the ones that match your defined profile. You can have a list of your highest potential leads direct your sales team to reach out to them and convert them into customers.

AI can also be used to drive more sales out of your existing customers. AI and machine learning algorithms when integrated into CRMs can help you use the shopping history of your existing customers in predicting their future buying behavior. The algo will do an automated Customer Lifetime Value Analysis and tell you which customers are going to churn or leave versus those that will renew. Your sales team can then use those insights to get more sales out of the healthy client relationships.

The whole point is that AI will help optimize a salesperson’s time so they can dedicate their efforts to the most valuable prospects. Whether it’s converting highest potential leads into new customers or renewing sales from existing customers, AI will take your sales game to the next level.

Final Thoughts

Marketing, sales, and customer service are the three building blocks of any business. Integrate them with Ai, and you will have yourself a lead generating phenomenon. First, transform these areas of your business into automated AI solutions and scale up. There’s so much more you can achieve with the power of artificial intelligence. It’s time you make a move!