According to a study, over 76 percent of business leaders believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fundamental to their organization’s success. The companies that have already implemented AI have seen a boost of 39 percent in their revenue.

AI is no longer a buzzword, it has now become a crucial technology for organizations to improve their efficiency and productivity.

By handling repetitive and mundane tasks across the organization, AI can free up the time of the employees which they can in turn use to focus on more complex problems. In other words, AI allows employees to work on more engaging parts of their jobs which makes them more productive and leads to better results for the company

Recruitment and onboarding

With artificial intelligence tools, you can pre-screen candidate profiles before inviting them for an interview. This is especially useful for large companies that hire thousands of candidates every year and attract millions of applicants.

With AI-enabled automation, the manual work required from your HR department is significantly reduced and they are able to focus on more important recruitment responsibilities. Companies around the world are already leveraging the power of AI for their recruitment activities.

Montage, a Fortune 5000 company offers an AI-driven interviewing tool which allows recruiters to automate interview scheduling, carry out on-demand text interviews, and reduce unconscious bias in the recruitment process.

Another tool called Textio uses artificial intelligence to help HR executives and recruiters write better and more compelling job descriptions. The tool analyzes data from the company’s previous job postings and job ads from its competitors to suggest the right words, format, and content with the main goal of generating maximum interest from job applicants.

Corporate training and learning

Corporate learning and development programs are now more important than ever for retention strategy, employee engagement, and workplace productivity. That’s not at all surprising when we consider that employees don’t quit companies — they quit bad jobs. When employees are able to develop better skills through on-the-job training and get more opportunities to have a vertical growth within the company, they are bound to stay in their jobs.

However, these initiatives have to be more targeted, personalised, and individualized if companies want to engage the ever-growing millennial workforce. This can be achieved through AI tools which can enable adaptive learning and drive value for both the employees and the company.

Honeywell has already developed AI tools that use augmented and virtual reality technology to provide a better learning experience to the employees. The more experienced employees can wear AR headsets while they are working on their daily tasks. These can capture a record of everything which can then be used to train new employees through VR.

The information taken through AR tools can also be used to provide real-time feedback to employees while they are carrying out their tasks.

Better customer service

Your customer support department directly communicates with your customers, and good experience can lead to higher conversions and improved customer loyalty.

Cogito is a tool that combines the power of AI with behavioural science to help customer support team provide better phone support. The tool monitors voice signals and provides real-time suggestions to representatives on how to improve the conversion for better results.

AI-powered chatbots can provide more seamless external support which allows customers to resolve their most basic queries without even directly talking to the customer support team. AI-powered chatbots like Spoke learn from real customer service representatives, salespeople, and marketers to answer the customer queries as accurately as possible.

Chorus is another AI tool which works in a similar manner, except it helps close leads faster by analysing sales calls as they happen and offering tips to sales managers for effective communication with the clients. The tool can record sales calls and pull statistics from them to provide intelligent insights about the customers.

Similarly, GrowthBot is another AI-enabled chatbot that mines the company and public data to offer quick answers to any kind of marketing related questions.

Streamlining and automating business processes

With business process automation, organizations are able to automate repetitive processes which in turn leads to cost minimization, greater efficiency, and better productivity. In today’s fast-changing digital world, digitizing, streamlining, and automating business processes has become a necessity for organizations if they want to stay relevant and get ahead of their competition.

When your employees don’t have to perform manual tasks, they are able to focus on more complex tasks that require creative skills and problem-solving which directly leads to higher workplace productivity.

Kissflow is a digital workplace platform which allows you to streamline business processes and automating parts of them that don’t require human involvement. As an all-in-one tool, it helps manage projects, cases, workflows and processes all through one single platform. Even if employees are working from different physical locations, they are able to collaborate at optimum productivity levels.

AI is the future of workplace

As more and more tasks are being automated, the essential human aspects of work are becoming more and more important. Artificial Intelligence has the ability to transform the workplace by making it more human and productive.