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The benefits of using Upwork can be summed up simply: Upwork makes it easier and more cost-effective to find the talent you can trust, and get projects done faster. Let’s take a closer look at some of Upwork’s benefits.

You can find the skilled person you need

No matter where you find talent, how qualified a person is for a project depends on how well you vet them. When you use a staffing agency, job board, or other freelancing sites, you usually must base a hiring decision on little more than the talent’s resume. But that doesn’t tell you about the person’s performance and other critical information.

Upwork helps you make more accurate search results because:

  • Profiles indicate past job success. Avoid wasting time contacting unqualified talent. When you search Upwork’s talent profiles, you not only see work history, certifications and skills assessments, you also see feedback from other clients, project ratings and availability.
  • Portfolios show projects completed through Upwork. A talent’s work history is listed by project and for work done through our website, so you can see if the talent’s experience matches your project’s needs.

You’re backed by payment protection

How can you be sure that the hours a freelancer bills on your invoice are really the hours they worked on your project? It’s clear when you use Upwork’s Work Diary. If the freelancer chooses to use this option, then every 10 minutes a snapshot of their computer screen is captured and uploaded into the Work Diary along with corresponding mouse clicks and keystroke activity. This makes it easy for you to verify the time billed is the time worked.

You’re also backed by Upwork’s Payment Protection on hourly and fixed-price projects. If there’s a disagreement between you and your freelancer, we offer dispute resolution services. Upwork is the only freelancing website that offers such protection.

You can start projects sooner

Not only can you find the right talent, but you also find the ideal person faster, which means projects can start sooner. On average, Upwork clients find qualified talent within 1-3 days, compared to the average 6-8 weeks it takes through staffing agencies and other traditional talent sources. Some clients say they find talent and start projects within hours of posting a job.

Upwork gives you access to the world’s largest freelancing website with skilled professionals in 180+ countries. Within minutes of posting a job on Upwork, we’ll send you potential talent matches based on your project specifications. Within hours, you’ll receive project proposals from qualified talent who saw your post. Freelancer profiles include past project ratings, client feedback, and certifications. You can quickly search for the ideal freelancer by setting filters based on multiple factors from job success scores to skillsets and location.


You set the contract terms. Projects can range from quick turnarounds, one-offs, to longer-term. Unlike other freelancing websites, you’re not bound by one-time packaged projects or other limitations.

If a project is classified as employment, you can contract a freelancer through Upwork Payroll. Doing so helps your business stay compliant with employment laws and policies, while you gain more flexibility in how you work with the talent.

Large businesses can get a fully customized hiring solution with Upwork Enterprise. Options may include worker compliance, project planning, and talent services. Upwork is the only freelancing website that provides an enterprise-level service.


When you hire talent through Upwork, you avoid agency markups. This saves clients an average of 50% over in-house or traditional agencies. You and the freelancer simply agree on a flat project or hourly rate. For details, check out How Much Does it Cost to Use Upwork?

Between online and traditional resources, you have many ways to find someone for your projects. Only Upwork makes it as fast, safe, and cost-effective to get the skilled help you need, no matter what your business size and no matter where you’re located.

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