There are lots of different types of logo designs to think about when you’re trying to decide what kind of logo design you need. You need to consider things such as the layout, the colour, what sort of font you want, or where you might be using it. But one often neglected type of logo design that might be really well suited for your company is illustration – a very worthwhile addition for some, making your logo design more unique and memorable.

In this article I’ll go over exactly what an illustration logo design is, and what benefits it could bring your small business.

An illustration logo design is a logo which includes detailed illustration. A non-illustrated logo design might include a drawing, but it will be much more of an outline or shape – the term illustration details the added time it takes to add depth and detail to a character design.

non-illustration logo design example: Maid 2 Perfection

Maid2Perfection Logo design iconMaid2Perfection Logo Design

illustration logo design example: Eco Clean Queen

The Eco Clean Queen illustration logo designThe Eco Clean Queen Illustration

Why should you have an illustrated logo design?

An illustrated logo design is all about accentuating your company personality and brand values. By emphasising your brand with a strong illustration you will be giving a clear creative direction for your marketing and advertising activities, you’ll be communicating what your company stands for more quickly with your target market, and your logo will be far, far more memorable as your illustrative design is going to be far more individual and unique than a standard logo design.

Which industries do illustrated logos particularly suit?

Illustrated logos are a strong statement, and they are definitely more common in particular industries. Generally speaking they suit companies who have a more informal identity, or a slightly quirky personality – but if one of your USPs is how different you are from the competition then an illustrative logo design will really help you to say that.

There are also many different styles of illustration – some are very cartooney and informal, others are more sophisticated. There will be a style that suits your company perfectly too.

Sectors that are well suited to illustrative logo design:

  • Children’s industries – from nurseries to toy factories, illustration can convey the friendly and personal feel that are so necessary for connecting with the target market.
  • Cars
  • Fashion – generally the more sophisticated end of the illustration spectrum, using artwork to create brand identity and style
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Pet care
  • fitness

Examples of illustrations we’ve done for logo designs:

Chameleon car hire illustrated logo designFeed Hammer illustration logo designFredricks illustration logo design

Fun size golf illustration logo designGesti Illustration Logo designHighHopes Illustration Logo Design

Hugo Media Illustration Logo designJava Hammer Illustration Logo DesignJPT Illustration Logo Design

KidzUperSportz Illustration Logo DesignSoundChief Illustration Logo DesignSwift Fox Illustration Logo design

What you need to know if you want an illustrated logo design

While illustrated logos certainly have their benefits they can be restricting too. If you wish to have your logo printed onto equipment an illustration might make that difficult as the complexity of the drawing might not transfer onto another medium. However, you can get around this by finalising two different versions of your logo (one with the illustration, and one without). If this is something that worries you, take a look at our future proof your logo design article here.