I have always had an appreciation for great art, but when I heard the breaking news that Edvard Munch’s 1895 pastel painting, “The Scream”, went for a shocking $120 million at an auction last week, I couldn’t help but choke on my latte. Since the record-making auction was the topic of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker this week, I was eager to see the social media response from Twitter and Facebook users, and they didn’t disappoint. 56% of users marveled at the price tag, while 21% of the conversations extolled the beauty of the painting. Once again, I identified with the jokes category, which comprised 5% of the overall chatter – and had to agree with one joke that said the painting perfectly captured the buyer’s reaction upon seeing the final price tag. Check out some more of the jokes below!

Was hoping to buy that Munch “The Scream,” but I counted our assets and we wound up $119.5 million short. Hate it when that happens.

Kids, don’t drop out of art school – “The Scream” fetched 120 million USD.

Buyer of The Scream files dispute with auction house when his purchase turns out to be a 1996 Wes Craven DVD. Read the fine print…

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