Ever purchase more things than you intended from an in-store visit?

While scrolling through the shelf, you started noticing other products that look compelling enough to buy at first glance. But, whether you need them or not, their packaging decorated with attractive graphics, colors, and fonts is blurring your purchase decision, and you can’t miss opening the package with your own hands.

You are not at fault.

It’s is the magic of a great packaging design working behind.

Product packaging design is creating the outer surface of the product like a box, can, bottle, or any container.

Importance of Packaging Design for Branding

Business owners often think that packaging design is just a part of the material to keep the product safe. But great packaging design is a storyteller. They even offer sensual experiences like sight, touch, and sounds as well.

Packaging design helps consumers understand what the product is for, how to use it, who should use it, and whether to buy it or not. It is the reason why consumers can’t stop themselves from purchasing new products from the shelf.

Packaging design plays a vital role in attracting new consumers and becoming a favorite of old ones. It also helps you stand out from the competitors.

If you want to build a successful packaging design that steals customers from competitors, you must be aware of its features first.

Let’s start acknowledging the types of packaging design:

Types Of Packaging Design

There is a wide range of products available in the market, from food products to daily use products to cosmetics. The consumer market is overflowing with similar products from each brand.

Brands design packages based on the products they serve, but they also ensure their packages differentiate themselves from the Crowd.

Here are four popular types of packaging design helping brands win more consumers and beat the fierce competition:

1. Straight Tuck End (STE)

Straight Tuck End refers to lids tucked back from the top and bottom, giving a clear brand presentation from the front of the box.

Image Source

2. Reverse Tuck End (RTE)

Similar to STE, RTE closes the seal from both ends but in the opposite direction.

Image Source

3. Display Box

As the name suggests, display boxes are very good at revealing your products and make them stand out on the shelves.

Image Source

4. Gable Bags and Box

Gable bags and boxes are known as leaders of luxury packaging. They possess a steady structure to help products stay together without spilling.

Image Source

5. Four Corner Beer

Four Corner Beer is a four-corner design – includes a tray and a box to hold four things in shape like cans and beers.

Image Source

6. Six Corner Beer

Six Corner Beer also comes with four corner design but with a two-fold lid to hold six things together (like cans and beers) in shape.

Image Source

7. Sleeve

A sleeve box is a dual part structure – a wall tray slips easily into a folding carton. It keeps the product secure from any possible damage.

Image Source

8. Pillow Box

The pillow box is a package designed in the shape of a pillow. It closes from both ends and is easy to assemble.

Image Source

9. Foot Lock

The foot lock box has a primary lock at one side with four fixed flaps to store heavy items and keep them organized.

Image Source

10. 1-2-3 Bottom (a.k.a Snap Lock)

1-2-3 bottom box has a three-step formula to close the box. It looks similar to the tuck end and offers extra security to keep the products safe.

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Hold on….

Next, I am going to tell you how packaging design is a great sales booster?

How Can Packaging Boost Sales?

A company’s sales depend on many factors, including competitive prices to promotional material, to the quality of the product. Among them, packaging design is an essential factor to consider under your marketing material.

Here are eight reasons why…

1. Simple and Clear Packaging Design Stands Out from the Crowd

Shelves are cluttered with many similar products. Some of those easily catch the eye, while some stay on the shelf till their expiry date. A simple and straightforward packaging design saves your products from going unnoticed. It delivers to-the-point information that customers seek.

Do you want an example?

Take a look at this Mandarin natural chocolate bar packaging. Feel the attention it is grabbing with simple elegance and a flavor representation.

Image Source

2. An Attractive Logo and Color Combination Supports Your Branding

Colors trigger emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

Studies say that 85% of consumers purchase products inspired by color.

For ages, brands are using color psychology to attract potential customers. Packaging design is no different. An attractive logo with the right color combination for packaging design influences users’ purchase decisions by triggering their emotions.

For example, Truck King uses yellow and blue colors to trigger playful and authoritative emotions. In addition, it gives the impression of a trustworthy brand.

Image Source

3. Popup Packaging With Custom Designs and Colors Leads to Conversion

Ever saw an image as if it’s coming out of the screen?

We all are aware of popup, personalized designs and their awe-inspiring effect.

Well, the great news is you can leave a similar impression on your customers with the help of popup, personalized packaging design.

This equation will inspire you to do so:

Personalization + Great Design = Conversion.

Let me give you an example of a popup packaging for some inspiration:

Method, a vendor of soaps and detergent, use a clear bottle design for each product category. It lets the colors shine through a transparent bottle and creates a rainbow effect with custom designs.

Image Source

4. Honest Packaging Design Builds Trust

With the expanding technology, customers are getting extra cautious towards brands. They don’t buy something just based on attractive colors. Trust is equally important for them.

Fortunately, authentic packaging design gives your product enough room to build trust and turn visitors into customers. Through trustworthy packaging design, you can offer information that aligns well with your brand’s values and provide a seamless experience to your customers.

Watusee Foods leveraged the benefits of packaging design to build trust among customers.

Watusee Foods is a manufacturer of healthy snacks. Going for its name (Wat-u-see), it creates a packaging design that aligns with its brand name and delivers a healthy snack option message.

Image Source

5. Shelf Impact Packaging Design Break Through the Competitive Clutter

Research says that only 30% of consumers stay loyal to their favorite brand while the other 70% flow away by packaging design from other brands. Research also shows that if you look at the product for more than three seconds, there is a 60% chance to buy it even if you don’t intend to.

The truth is shelf impact packaging design changes your decision subconsciously.

Shelf impact packaging design combines graphics and timed exposure that allows shoppers to locate the product themselves as if calling them.

Oh yes, they are attractive enough.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company does an outstanding job of designing packages with a paper band around the soap and matches it well with the color of the soap. It easily cuts through the competitive clutter when placed on the shelf.

Image Source

6. Functional Packaging Design Add Value to Customer Experience

Functional packaging design is all about adding more tools to the products for various usage. For example, adding a squeezer to the toothpaste. It improves consumers’ product interaction and gives them an authentic experience.

But it’s not necessary to add a relevant tool. It can be anything.

For example, during the summer season, Coca-cola launched a Festival bottle that contains detachable wristbands giving access to music festivals like Transylvania’s Untold Festival.

Image Source

7. Customers Are Willing To Pay More For Problem-Solving Packaging

Do you know it’s a myth that consumers take time and make plans for purchases?

Shopping works subconsciously.

Let’s say you are facing pimple problems for so long. It will take a few seconds to grab a product claiming a 100% pimple solver. But, the idea to get rid of pimples is settled in your subconscious mind. So, you won’t hesitate to give the product a try if it promises a solution to your problem.

The lesson to learn here is you can easily design a problem-solver packaging design.

Windex adopted this formula for their cleaners. Their packages allow consumers to tap the container and get the exact amount needed for cleaning. No wastage at all – a natural problem solver.

Image Source

8. Recurring Customers Thanks To The Premium Packaging

Imagine you are successfully grabbing customers with the packaging design tips.


Now, what about your repeated customers.

After all, you have to take special care of them.

This is where a premium package helps you cherish relationships with existing customers.

Premium packaging is the upgraded version of the current package design. It enhances the experience, as well as increases the memorability of the brand.

Wrigley got the upper hand in offering premium packaging. Wrigley’s Eclipse bubble gum generally comes in a 12-count foil pack. The brand provides 60-count bubble gum in a reclosable container that is tall enough to pack all the bubble gums and shallow enough for consumers to grab that last piece of gum.

Image Source

We came to the end of our list. Not our article, though.

After seeing great examples, you might be rushing to develop a packaging design for your product.


Knowing how to choose the packaging design that aligns with your brand and impress your customers is necessary.

Choosing the Right Product Packaging Design

When picking the right packaging design for your product, you have to pay close attention to big and tiny details.

Here are the extensive details to clarify before choosing the packaging design:

  • What are your brand’s values and voices?
  • Who is your targeted audience? (age, location, problems, etc.)
  • What’s your product purpose? (which problem it solves)

Once you answer these questions, move towards the below-given questions and answer them to know which design suits your product well.

  1. Which material do you prefer? (paper, metal, etc.)
  2. What’s the size and weight of your products?
  3. How will you transport your product (save the product from breaking)
  4. What’s your budget?
  5. Which design appeals to your customers’ emotions?

To spark your imagination, take a look at some typical samples of packaging design.

Packaging Design Samples

There are tons of packaging samples available to pick from. Choose the one that becomes an answer to the questions we just discussed above.

Here are some design samples to guide you through your selection process:

1. Molded Packaging Design:

The packaging design is molded as per the shape and form of the product. It gives the product a creative and exclusive look. Molded packaging design is used for toys, kitchen tools, machinery, vehicle parts, etc.

Image Source

2. Replica Model Packaging Design

It is the model of miniature like houses, shops, huts, castles, etc. Replica’s model packaging design reveals charm and charisma, so it is used to pack luxurious products like jewelry, branded chocolates, cosmetics, etc.

Image Source

3. Protective Packaging Design

It completely covers the product, keeping it safe and secure from being broken. Generally, it is used for sensitive products like eggs. It also maintains the temperature and keeps the light in control to preserve the product for a long time.


Image Source

4. Transparent Packaging Design

As the name suggests, it is transparent in nature. People can see through packaging and peak inside products. It gives consumers a good idea of the current condition of inside products. It is used for fresh products like vegetables, fruits, meat, and frozen products.

Image Source

There you have it all.

To Sum it Up

Your packaging design decides how the customers see your brand. Invest full time designing packages to ensure customer interaction and final conversion. Make sure your customers easily recognize your brand at first glance with the help of standout packaging design. Your design must communicate with customers and offer accurate information to influence their purchase decision.

Did I miss anything?

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