How to Build Your Brand With Snapchat

The Benefits of Using Snapchat for BrandingDo you think Snapchat is just for teens?

Think again!

This growing network is reaching more than high schoolers connecting each other with funny filters — it’s now a powerful branding tool.

Before reading on you might be tempted to turn this additional network away — after all, you’re already using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Plus. That’s enough — right?

Maybe not.

Jay Baer, president of Convince & Convert, writes that “Snapchat is the second most powerful social platform in the United States.”


Snapchat is a unique network in that it does not allow users to search according to a keyword topic or specific hashtag — it is based more on meeting people and introducing them to your brand.

Because of the personalized, fun nature of this platform, your company has an opportunity to build trust and get on the same level as your community. Stories make it appealing for users to follow trending events, brand stories, and get an inside look of the day to day operations of a business.


There are several ways you can show the human side of your business:

  • Showcasing a special event throughout the day with highlights
  • Humorous clips and videos from your team
  • Giving viewers an inside look behind your company’s operations
  • A fun product introduction

A newer feature that has been opened up for brands in 2015 is the ability to purchase On-Demand Geofilters, which can be far more affordable than other social advertising platforms for as little as $5.00 a day.

After uploading a professional and catchy .PNG image that is 1080 wide x 1920 tall you can invite your community to an upcoming webinar, special event, an exclusive offer, and more. The geofilters allow you to target a specific audience based on their location, and even enable you to create a series of images or Snapchat story for a more visual appeal.

Build Your Brand With Influencers

There is a growing number of big brands and celebrities who have the potential of becoming advocates and increasing awareness for your business.

You can reach out to these influencers several ways:

  • Support the same social causes they are promoting
  • Invite them to a special event
  • Try something creative to showcase how your company’s products or services can help them
  • Give a shout out of one of their products or snaps

After building your community your business will be ready to enter the sales strategy phase with special offers, discounts, and other useful incentives for users. This process can be slow since the way of finding and following people differs from other social networks. A great tool you can try is called GhostCodes, which allows you to find snappers and interests.

In addition to being very fun and creative, Snapchat is a prime social network to be involved in if you would like to reach a large number younger generation users who would be interested in what you have to offer. For example, Applebees has been able to establish a strong presence there and further expand their restaurant patron reach, many of which are millennials. Depending on your niche, this is one platform your business may want to add to your marketing strategy.