We all know the basics of our routine blogging activities.

As bloggers, we have daily obligations to follow and constant deadlines to meet.

Our days can quickly become overwhelming as a result, but we can’t neglect the other routine tasks, which must find a place on our daily calendar.

These activities are all essential because they help us physically, mentally and more. They each have benefits you should consider when planning out your day.


Read on to see what these tasks are and what impact they can have on your blogging…


You may think you know it all. You have the experience level and influence to stand out from the rest of the blogosphere.

Unfortunately, that knowledge and influence will not and cannot stick if you don’t continue to educate yourself.

The trends you write about and techniques you use in your articles depend on their relevance and accuracy. If you implement a “popular trend” in your post that turns out to be outdated, you can greatly harm your blogging authority.

Benefits / Impact:

  • You save yourself from public embarrassment
  • You maintain and even grow your thought leadership

My recommendations:

One_ Blogging Trends


2) Reach out to other bloggers

Face it. Blogging is not and cannot be a solo act for anyone. You may be the only one managing your website and blog, but writing and promoting your content aren’t the only areas of blogging to devote your time.

It’s important for your blog’s success that you dedicate time every day to blogger outreach. Without that, you’d miss out on so many opportunities to increase your content’s exposure.

Benefits / Impact:

  • You’ll build relationships for collaboration or mentorship
  • You’ll increase your website traffic and social media following
  • You’ll grow your own influence with a stronger network


  • Start commenting on other bloggers’ posts
  • Share other bloggers’ content on social media
  • Interact with their activity on social media (reply, retweet, share…)
  • Cite other bloggers’ posts in your own articles

Two_ Reach Out


3) Read other blogs for inspiration

I understand. We already have such a full schedule with our own blog and activity, and the idea of adding reading slots to our daily agenda can seem a little daunting.

However, it’s something we really need to do. Reading can help us in many ways, and it gives us a chance to do so much more with our own work. It’s an opportunity we shouldn’t pass up.

Benefits / Impact:

  • You’ll find content to share on social media
  • You’ll find content to cite or curate in your own content / blog
  • You’ll discover new content ideas for future articles


  • Choose no more than 5 relevant blogs to follow
  • Read at least one article a day, and take notes on what you learn
  • Use what you find helpful in those articles to share on social media or on your blog

Three_ Reading


4) Go offline (“unplug”)

As bloggers, our world can oftentimes revolve around our computer.

While our blog work requires this technology, we can’t let it take over our lives. Taking time out of our day to “unplug” is simply a necessity.

I’m not saying you should go into 100% tech darkness or that the time period should be long. However, if we let ourselves stay hooked, we’ll risk missing out on some of the other essentials in life, such as:

  • Staying physically healthy
  • Spending quality time with family and friends
  • Enjoying the outdoors

Benefits / Impact:

  • You give your mind and body time to refresh
  • You build and maintain stronger relationships with those around you
  • You experience new and different things that your computer can’t offer


  • Go for a walk or use a gym to stay physically active
  • Sign off of all online accounts for at least one hour during the day
  • Read a printed book or use a pen and paper to write, preferably outside

Four_ Unplug


5) Get up and stretch

This may seem simple enough, but actually standing up from your desk and walking around for a bit can often be overlooked. It’s imperative that you find a balance between sitting and standing while blogging. The consequences of constantly sitting can greatly affect your progress.

Benefits / Impact:

  • You help prevent future health issues, such as back pain.
  • You give your body a chance to refresh to prevent distracting soreness.


  • Use an alarm app on your computer or phone to remind you to stand up – Suggestion: use the Pomodoro Technique.
  • Invest in a standing desk, such as a Varidesk.
  • Get up at least once an hour to stretch or work while standing.

Five_ Get Up


Bonus Tip:

Go outside your comfort zone…

  • Pitch an article idea as a guest blogger
  • Research about a topic you’re not experienced with (for future content)
  • Contact influencers directly via the communication method that works best for them, not necessarily you.



  1. Study current blogging trends and techniques
  2. Reach out to other bloggers
  3. Read other blogs for inspiration
  4. Go offline (“unplug”)
  5. Get up and stretch


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