Business blogging is a great way to reach out to the public and encourage conversion for your company’s services. But what if you know that and your boss doesn’t? In that case, it’s up to you to convince the Powers That Be that making the investment in a business blog is a smart move. Here are ten of the most persuasive statistics you can bring to the presentation you’re no doubt already preparing for your boss:

Drumming Up Interest

Getting into business blogging helps your company drum up interest by driving traffic to your site. Companies with active blogs generate 55 percent more site visits, 97 percent more links to their websites, and their pages get indexed a whopping 434 percent more often.

Keeping your blog active dramatically increases the chances of pulling in sales. A full 92 percent of business blogs that update several times a day have acquired at least one customer through their blog.

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As the market rewards business blogging, more companies jump in with both feet. In just the last three years, the population of bloggers has increased by 31 percent.

Advantages Over Advertising

Your company’s blog is much more likely to be found by customers. Today, 44 percent of online shoppers start their search for products and services by using a search engine. Major search engines—and therefore potential customers—are more likely to find you if you’re running a blog.

Simply posting paid advertisements on search results pages isn’t enough. Up to 70 percent of the links users choose to click on are organic results, such as business blogs with the appropriate structure and key terms, and not sponsored links.

After years of bombardment, many customers have trained themselves to tune out advertisements. Business blogs are different. Because they usually convey useful or interesting information that people actively seek out, 46 percent of people choose to access blogs more than once a day. They’re pulling information that interests them, rather than having it pushed, and are therefore far more receptive to the message you want to send.

The Virtues of Cross-Promotion

According to Awareness, Inc.: 96 percent of social media marketers invest in keeping track of how many fans and followers their companies have. 89 percent of them measure their traffic. 84 percent keep an eye on their mentions, and 51 percent track sentiment. Every one of these metrics is easier to track when the views, ratings, and comments are all happening on your blog. Even off-site mentions can be tracked by pingbacks, giving you exacting control over your online image.

Gleanster Research reports that 50 percent of generated leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy. Rather than losing them and hoping that they remember your business when the time is right, a good business blog with compelling content can keep those leads coming back regularly until the sale is made.

Return On Investment

The heart of any worthwhile business model is always in figuring out how to get the biggest return for the smallest investment. Business blogging takes this all-important ratio to the far end of the ROI spectrum. Inbound marketing methods, such as business blogging, generate leads that cost an average of 62 percent less than leads generated via outbound methods.

All the Cool Companies are Doing It

Finally, if your boss has yet to be impressed with the case you’re making for a comprehensive business blogging approach to attracting the public, try this:the number of Fortune 500 companies that maintain their own blogs rose by 20 percent from 2012 to 2013, and the rate is accelerating. Fortune 500 companies have never had reputations as early adopters, but even they have been forced into the business blogging arena to compete for customers.

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Image: Umass

As these giants’ blog presence grows, competition for followers will inevitably grow stiffer. It’s up to you, and to your boss, to make sure you get the jump on them by embracing a comprehensive business blogging approach to your online presence.

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