If you need more evidence that email marketing works in the B2B industry, this infographic by Position² will surely have you convinced. Position² reveals intriguing information based on 2013 statistics. For example, did you know that your ROI from B2B email marketing alone is 127%? This explains why companies are further relying on their email marketing campaigns. According to the Position² infographic, 55% of B2B businesses anticipate a boost in their email expenditure. What are the key purposes of B2B email marketing? The infographic lists these top purposes for implementing email marketing:

  1. To enhance retention, which is agreed upon by 77% of B2B businesses.
  2. For high quality lead generation, claims 40% of B2B marketers.
  3. In addition, the ROI from email marketing is approximately $44.25 per $1 spent.

Finally, Position² stresses the importance of mobile email; after all, 47% of emails are opened via a mobile device. With that being said, consider these stats:

  • 80% of email users delete an email when it is not appealing on a mobile device.
  • A large number of companies (75%) miss out on their ROI because they do not consider mobile emails.
  • When companies implement responsive design to their email marketing campaigns, the click-through rates increase up to 25%

How has email marketing played a role in your B2B business? Post your answer in the comment box after viewing the full infographic below.