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Yash Chawlani is a Freelance Content Marketing Strategist who is known by his personal brand Merlin. He specializes in SEO and Social Media and helps B2B and SaaS companies out there with his top-notch content strategies. In his spare time, you can either find him in the gym or on the football field. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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How B2B Companies Can Leverage An Omnichannel Marketing Funnel to Improve Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is an essential factor to maintain customer retention and attract new audiences. According to stats, 80% of…

Yash Chawlani
November 22, 2021
B2B Marketing

5 Easy Ways to Introduce Automation Into Your Recruiting Workflow

As a recruiter, you already multi-task between sourcing candidates, screening resumes, scheduling discovery calls, and progressing candidates in the…

Yash Chawlani
November 12, 2021
Human Resources

How Memes Stormed the Marketing World

Memes are everywhere! From Facebook timelines to Instagram feeds to Reddit threads, to Twitter, they are everywhere and are…

Yash Chawlani
October 4, 2021
Digital Marketing

What Are the 7 Email Design Best Practices Marketers Should Follow

Email marketing is an effective way to reach new customers while keeping current clients engaged and interested. It is…

Yash Chawlani
August 16, 2021
Email Marketing

9 Ways to Take Your YouTube Videos to Another Level

YouTube is the second most popular social media platform at present. A variety of easily accessible and shareable videos…

Yash Chawlani
August 14, 2021

How To Leverage Social Media to Market Your SaaS Business

According to a report from Backlinko, 50.64% of the world’s population uses social media, regardless of age or internet…

Yash Chawlani
July 14, 2021
Social Media

What Is Interactive Content and How Do You Perfect It?

What do these things have in common? Buzzfeed is well-known for its silly, sometimes nonsensical quizzes. Creators on YouTube…

Yash Chawlani
July 14, 2021
Content Marketing

How to Maintain Customer Relationships in Times of Crisis

Around 43% of US businesses had temporarily closed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis. At the same time,…

Yash Chawlani
July 9, 2021
Customer Experience

6 Creative Ways to Use Video Content to Engage Visitors

In today’s fast-paced society, catching and holding the attention of website visitors can be difficult. Sometimes, it feels like…

Yash Chawlani
July 8, 2021
Video Marketing

Top 8 Design Trends For 2021

Which design trends should you be concentrating on in 2021? Well, if you have kept an eye on your…

Yash Chawlani
June 21, 2021
Web Design

How Do Instagram Bots Affect Your Growth?

Instagram bots have always been a controversial topic in the social media community. Growing an engaged Instagram following is…

Yash Chawlani
June 8, 2021
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