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Susan Tucker is a self-proclaimed inbound marketing geek who uses her passion to help small business owners through her marketing company, Get Susan Marketing LLC. Susan has helped solopreneurs, start-ups, digital media companies, service providers, non-profits, e-commerce companies, and many others navigate the changing digital landscape by successfully setting them up with inbound techniques - such as social media, blogging, content offers and email marketing. Clients have raved about Susan's personable approach and easy-to-understand method. 

Susan lives with her husband, two young sons, and super-cute puppy in the start-up mecca of Boulder, Colorado. When she’s not helping small business owners with social media and online marketing, she's chasing her boys on the ski slopes or watching them on the sidelines of the soccer fields. Susan is social media junkie and you can often find her live tweeting from just about everywhere she goes.

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Digital Marketing Basics for Senior Business Owners

Are you a senior business owner looking to boost your small business in the age of digital marketing? In…

Susan Tucker
January 7, 2022
Digital Marketing

Small Business Tips: How to Do Instagram Marketing

What started as a mobile app to share photos has evolved into a diverse social media platform that small…

Susan Tucker
November 3, 2021

Poor Conversion Rates? It Could Be Time for a Website Content Review

The content on your website is what builds relationships with your audience and leads them to take the action…

Susan Tucker
October 7, 2021
Online Marketing

The Equipment Checklist for Starting a New Business

As a new business owner, you need to complete a variety of tasks before you can get your company…

Susan Tucker
August 8, 2021

Measuring with Metrics: Are Your Social Media Efforts Effective?

How do you know if your social media efforts are contributing to your goals? Is it through the number…

Susan Tucker
July 26, 2021
Social Media

5 Tips for Writing Eye-Catching Titles for Blog Posts

The title of your blog post can make or break the visibility of your content on the Internet. Users…

Susan Tucker
July 18, 2021

How to Find Great Content for Your Social Media Posts

To successfully engage your audience on social media, you need a constant stream of great content. However, this doesn’t…

Susan Tucker
July 5, 2021
Social Media

How to Boost Your Marketing with Customer Recommendations

You don’t need a huge budget to launch a successful marketing campaign. With a list of effective online marketing…

Susan Tucker
June 30, 2021

Can You Really Make Money Overnight? What to Know About Passive Income

Many small business owners and freelancers dream of setting up viable passive income streams. It’s a system where you…

Susan Tucker
June 29, 2021

Resending Unopened Emails: A Hack to Increase Audience Engagement

When you run an email list, you might see some subscribers have unopened emails from you. You might wonder…

Susan Tucker
June 12, 2021
Email Marketing

How Easy Is It for You to Get New Email Subscribers?

People today are pressed for time more than ever before. Whether they are opting into your email list by…

Susan Tucker
January 25, 2021
Email Marketing
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