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Rotem has a long track record in inbound marketing, strategy, and online brand development. With a focus on building digital and social media engagement products.

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Building a Digital Culture Transformation Can Empower Your Employees to Work Smarter For Good

Your workforce is the epitome of your company – but how exactly can you empower, train, and coach them…

Rotem Gal
December 26, 2021
Human Resources

How Hyperautomation Is Changing The Way We Do Business

In a post-Covid-19, digital-first world, organizations need to have efficiency, operational agility, and efficacy to defeat their competition, reduce…

Rotem Gal
August 14, 2021

The Future of Omnichannel Contact Centers

Before the pandemic, personalization was already a vital part of delivering an exceptional customer experience online and offline. However,…

Rotem Gal
August 2, 2021

How AI & Data Analytics Can Solve Supply Chain Pitfalls

The supply chain is an ecosystem that affects businesses around the world, and the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a…

Rotem Gal
October 16, 2020
Business Innovation

How to Improve Your Ranking With Original Images

Visuals are important to make the content lively and engaging for your readers. However, many webmasters use stock images…

Rotem Gal
September 9, 2020

Cowin vs Beats: Can Feature Marketing Beat Bigger Brands

It’s no secret that more and more people consume digital content — music in particular. This trend has influenced…

Rotem Gal
July 30, 2020

Take Market Share From Big Brands By Focusing on Feature Marketing

Want to know a dirty little secret in the marketing world? Marketers have to market themselves too, in order…

Rotem Gal
July 22, 2020
Consumer Marketing

3 Must-Do Product Strategies For Amazon Sellers

Selling products on Amazon is not just about posting professionally shot product images and well-written product descriptions; being an…

Rotem Gal
June 25, 2020