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Ronita Mohan is a content marketer at Venngage, the online infographic and design platform. Ronita regularly writes about marketing, sales, and small businesses.

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What Graphic Design Trends Should Brands Know for 2022?

Venngage has shared its latest findings on the graphic design trends that will define 2022. Staying up to date…

Ronita Mohan
September 27, 2021

How Much Does an Infographic Cost in 2021?

Unique visual content like data visualizations and infographics are all the rage right now. But does an infographic cost…

Ronita Mohan
April 8, 2021

How Microlearning Can be Used to Improve Employee Training Retention

Employee training has become an important part of business growth, especially with the rise of remote work. Does that…

Ronita Mohan
February 24, 2021
Human Resources

Creating a Job Aid: 4 Steps for Improving Employee Productivity in 2021

Creating a job aid has become an essential task for management, especially since the way businesses function has changed…

Ronita Mohan
February 4, 2021
Human Resources

The Importance of Employee Training and Visual Communication in 2021

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of employee training and visual communication across a variety of industries. Teams are…

Ronita Mohan
January 25, 2021
Small Business

5 Essential Business Branding Elements for Startups

Choosing branding elements that define your business to your audience and distinguish you from competitors can be challenging for…

Ronita Mohan
November 30, 2020

3 Essential Business Letters Companies Need to Write

Business correspondence encompasses a variety of documents and modes of communication—but there are a few essential business letters companies…

Ronita Mohan
November 4, 2020
Small Business

Why Pinterest and Google are More Connected than Brands Realize

Did you know that Pinterest and Google have similarities? And that it affects how brands use the platform? Most…

Ronita Mohan
September 15, 2020
Social Media

Startup Growth: 3 Best Outreach Practices to Adopt in 2020

Startup growth can be challenging at the best of times—in 2020, the odds against building a new organization are…

Ronita Mohan
August 28, 2020

Lead Generation in 2020: 8 Advanced Strategies

Lead generation is at the core of most marketing strategies—you want to create content that brings in new audiences…

Ronita Mohan
August 6, 2020
Digital Marketing

6 Steps for Reaching B2B Users

B2B users are a whole different ballgame in the marketing community. Treating them the same as B2C audiences won’t…

Ronita Mohan
August 3, 2020
B2B Marketing
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