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Mitul Makadia is Founder of Maruti Techlabs and a true technophile.

With his industry experience, he has rapidly developed Maruti Techlabs in specialized services like Chatbot Development, Artificial Intelligence, Natural language Processing and Machine Learning. Makadia has considerable expertise in Chatbot development and NLP.

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10 Features to Consider For Choosing a Low-Code Platform

In the constantly changing business landscape, organizations need to keep pace to meet consumer needs. Competitive markets, the need…

Mitul Makadia
January 13, 2022
Business Innovation

What is Predictive Data Modeling? Top 10 Predictive Analytics Algorithms

What is Predictive Data Modeling? Predictive modeling is a statistical technique that can predict future outcomes with the help…

Mitul Makadia
January 5, 2022
Business Intelligence

What Is a Scrum Board? What is the Difference Between a Scrum & Kanban Board?

What is a Scrum Board? As Scrum is one of the popular frameworks to break down complex problems into…

Mitul Makadia
December 29, 2021
Product Management

Top 10 Tools to Have in Your Marketing Tech Stack in 2022

There was a time when marketers had very few choices in automation. It was a challenging time. In a…

Mitul Makadia
December 23, 2021

7 Steps To Create a Successful Release Plan

Agile release planning is the dynamic document that suggests the group of tasks you should accomplish before the release…

Mitul Makadia
December 10, 2021
B2B Marketing

What Is Sprint Planning? 5 Stages of Scrum Sprint

In Scrum, every project is broken down into time blocks called Sprints. Sprints can vary in length but are…

Mitul Makadia
December 3, 2021
Product Management

Top 5 Benefits of New Product Development Process for Businesses

As a business, your ability to retain the market’s competitive edge requires you to balance the necessity and difficulty…

Mitul Makadia
November 19, 2021
Product Management

Top 10 Growth Hacking Strategies for SaaS Companies

Did you know that if a SaaS company grows only at 20% every year, there is a 92% chance…

Mitul Makadia
November 13, 2021

What is a Distributed Scrum Team? Tips to Manage and Build an Effective Distributed Team

A distributed scrum team refers to a team where individuals work in the same team on the same project…

Mitul Makadia
November 7, 2021
Workplace Culture

Top 5 Benefits of Scaling Agile

Scaling Agile is the buzzword taking the software industry by storm and gaining popularity in other sectors like manufacturing,…

Mitul Makadia
October 29, 2021
Business Intelligence

Top 6 Application of Sentiment Analysis

With advancements in technology and fields like deep learning, sentiment analysis is becoming more and more common for companies…

Mitul Makadia
October 15, 2021
Business Intelligence
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