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As Architect and Developer,  Max is responsible for the vision, strategic direction, growth, and performance of the company. His meticulous approach to strategy and leadership style speaks to his consistent desire to do a little bit better and more than people expect. He’s an avid reader and researcher that is always looking to be ahead of the curve of innovation.

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Crowdfunding As a Funding Source For a Startup

The founder of a company not only needs to study the market well, come up with an excellent business…

Max Shestov
September 20, 2021

How to Lose $10M by “Doing Something Stupid,” or Never Underestimate the Power of Marketing

Enlightening story of Flow founder Andrew Wilkinson about how he wanted to beat the competition focusing on organic growth…

Max Shestov
July 29, 2021

Why Does an Online Store Not Need a Native Mobile App?

With the advancement in technology, the internet, and web-based applications, the number of smartphone users has increased manifold. This…

Max Shestov
July 8, 2021
Mobile & Apps
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