At Big Sea, I strategize and implement inbound marketing tactics for our clients, and I develop engaging ways to tell brand stories online. I’m passionate about content, and I believe that everyone has something valuable to say. Even if they’re saying it with an animated gif.

I have an English degree from the University of Florida and a professional background in digital marketing and editorial strategy — and I’ve been blogging for fun for 14 years.

I’ve been working on the web since 2002 and messing around online since the early days of screeching AOL dial-up connections. I’ve written over 1000 articles for publications like Yahoo, SheKnows, Azula, and Orbitz. I’ve done a massive amount of research on topics ranging from deep sea creatures to cloth diapering to wedding etiquette. So don’t mind me if I bust out seemingly random trivia.

As a fourth generation native of St. Petersburg, I’m thrilled to be working in DTSP. I love our beautiful city. On weekends, I might be searching for sour beers, fishing in the bay, practicing yoga, or paddleboarding with my kids. It’s all about balance.

About Big Sea

Since 2005, Big Sea has partnered with successful businesses and organizations to provide branding, strategy, design, development, and marketing. We plug into niche markets and specializations with agility. We’ve worked alongside genetic specialists, reef assessment researchers, and the #1 law school for advocacy in the nation.