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Lyndell is an experienced Business Development and Training Specialist with 20+ years of administrative, project management, strategy, standards and policy development experience. She holds a Masters Degree in Maritime Transport and a BA (Hons) Degree in Tourism and is also qualified in Project Management.  Lyndell is an International Labour Organization Trainer and a participant in the ExxonMobil Global Women in Management Programme.</p> <p> Ms. Danzie-Black, was a Lecturer with the University of Guyana, in the areas of Private Sector Environment, Project Design, World Tourism and Tourism Dissertation. Lyndell continues to play a pivotal role in the mentoring of entrepreneurial development having successfully monitored and evaluated several Microfinance Entrepreneurial Projects, to result in impressive and profitable new enterprises.</p> <p> Additional to her areas of expertise, Lyndell has provided training in the areas of service quality within the Tourism Industry in St. Lucia. Internationally at the Venice Simplon-Orient Express, a luxury train travel company in London and further worked extensively throughout that city.

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