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I'm a writer, editor, blogger, SEO, PPC, social media manager, and marketing nerd. I'd love to talk about your next freelance project. I'm always up for a conversation about search, digital marketing, member communication, and social media management. And I love a good pet video.

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Crisis-Proof Your Social Media Marketing Plan

It’s tough to be a social media manager these days. Plenty of people are cooped up at home just…

Jean Dion
February 3, 2021
Social Media

What Happens to the Internet if Section 230 is Repealed?

The internet can seem like a lawless place. In reality, plenty of laws shape what happens in our online…

Jean Dion
January 13, 2021

Exceptional Content Marketing Starts with Exceptional Product Pages

Product pages make sense to e-commerce companies. Consumers must land on specific pages to make a purchase. But if…

Jean Dion
October 19, 2020
Content Marketing

Competitor Research via Review Sites: Both Possible and Profitable

Most of us don’t think of Yelp, Google, and Facebook as our best friends. Encounter a disgruntled customer (as…

Jean Dion
September 15, 2020
Social Data
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