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James has more than 15 years’ experience in customer relationship management, business development and digital marketing across various fields like, pharma, banking, real estate, entertainment, telecommunications, eCommerce, electronics, etc... As a Sr. business development executive at Nexsoftsys, James gives the best solutions to develop business in the global market using the latest technology.

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What Value Does a Cloud Data Platform Hold For Your Business?

It has been roughly two decades since cloud computing first appeared on the scene, and yet, despite overwhelming evidence…

James Warner
December 7, 2021
Cloud Computing

How Customer Info Can Be Protected With Easy Steps On Gathering Data

The present world is extending with a huge abundance of data about consumer shopping habits, buying decisions, search engine…

James Warner
July 24, 2021

Automated Invoicing Add-on Research Expands Abilities For Dynamics 365 Business Applications

There is an infinite number of reasons for companies and organizations to use electronic invoicing rather than using paper…

James Warner
February 3, 2021

PDI’s Benefits in Improving Data Implementation in Data Warehousing

Data Eminence application with the use of Pentaho Data Integration is significant in the framework of Business Intelligence and…

James Warner
October 7, 2020
Business Intelligence

Features That Make Your B2B eCommerce Store More Successful

Digital businesses are becoming more and more popular than ever. Almost every organization, regardless of size and nature of…

James Warner
September 8, 2020
B2B Marketing

Apps That Are Helping the World Battle COVID-19

Like every year, we thought that 2019 was terrible, and it would finally be 2020 when we are living…

James Warner
August 5, 2020
Mobile & Apps