Expert at helping people turn LinkedIn into the success they seek be it sales or projects.

Professional hybrid - sales director by background, actually used LinkedIn to raise more than £10M of new business revenue in my first few years and now teach others.

I am not a trainer that learnt how to train people on how to use LinkedIn, but a corporate Sales Director that learnt by using LinkedIn, not from reading a book, but by trying the angles and seeing what worked in real life. It enabled me to get new relationships, remind clients of breadth of value, and get engagements worth over £10 million in sales.

I then decided to launch the business The Network Coach Limited and rapidly got given the pseudonym of “The Linked In Man” as I shared my passion for LinkedIn, my stories and the hybrid knowledge of how LinkedIn can get you the success and sales you seek – when you apply it properly.

Working in over 50 countries in the last year alone to help a range of global, national and individual executives across IT, management consultancy, sales, software development, accountancy, law and more. I have been lucky enough to help all sizes of companies such as CEB, Dell, HSBC, IBM, O2 and more right through to small businesses.

I am qualified in accountancy, business development, consultancy, project management, networking and selling from a range of professional bodies, and I have trained in four different sales methodologies and come with over 26 years of experience in making relationships and sales deliver.