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Greetje den Holder lives in The Hague, The Netherlands and holds a Master of Arts in American Studies and a Master of Science in International Business & Management. She is an entrepreneur, blogger, vlogger, and translator.

Her first company is a translation agency called BudgetVertalingOnline, which provides other entrepreneurs with high-quality and affordable translations English <> Dutch. On this company's website, she blogs about translations, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and social media.

In addition, she is the founder, blogger, and vlogger of This is a Dutch website about lesbian parenting (Dutch blog posts) and international LGBT+ events (English blog posts and videos). She now has a YouTube channel for that company as well. As a result, she is invited to radio programs and podcasts.

In addition, she loves to play basketball and watch movies. She allows herself one cup of coffee a day, so she makes sure it is a special one.

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