Hello fellow entrepreneur! I’m Emily Standley, a nationally published content creator and digital marketing strategist based in South Florida. My passion is helping creative entrepreneurs and businesses in South Florida and worldwide, leverage the power of digital technology to reach virtual markets; to build a larger presence online, find the best ways to make money online, and build the foundation for a successful online business.

As digital media has become more accessible over the years, it’s not a surprise that more people want to start making money online by creating blogs, developing content, or opening up an online store. After all, working online offers incredible ways to be creative, and earn a flexible living without being tied to an office environment. 

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic more and more people are making the shift to working at home not only out of necessity but desire. 

However, to succeed in building a powerful online presence, one needs to learn about very specific strategies necessary to boost their brand and website in a competitive landscape. This is where I come in!

My goal is to help individuals and national brands maximize their presence online by utilizing the power of the latest digital marketing trends.

My blog has a 4.4 million community reach that helps equip others with the very tools they need to achieve success online.

My Academy has helped thousands of people get the resources for learning what it takes to build a successful online business:

Within the Socialbuzzhive Academy, I provide in-depth skills training, guides, courses, templates and resources for the innovative means and strategies to promote and build a successful business or blog, or polish and learn the latest trending marketing and promotional skills. 

With 14 years experience, I have first-hand knowledge of the unique challenges in developing an online presence, so all my courses and tips are based on strategies that are easy to understand and implement even for beginners. 

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