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Devansh is an avid content curator who loves writing about things that are mainly associated with Business and Technology. He writes about Web Development, Designing, Digital Marketing, even Machine Learning, and AI. He’s currently working with RnF Technologies. and has contributed thousands of write-ups for its clients. 

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Mobile Marketing: Why You Need To Invest In It Today!

Compare us today from a decade ago in 2010, and you’ll notice how dependent we’ve all become on our…

Devansh Khetrapal
May 20, 2021
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in 2021: A Holistic Strategy You’ve Never Heard Before

Aren’t you tired of skimming through the internet and not being able to find a Digital Marketing Strategy that…

Devansh Khetrapal
April 29, 2021
Digital Marketing

Product Marketing: How Marketing Should Evolve With Product Lifecycle

The above image is a demonstration of the stages a product goes through during its lifetime. Economics and MBA…

Devansh Khetrapal
April 21, 2021
Digital Marketing

YouTube Video Marketing in 2021: How to Rise in a Ruthless Market

They say you don’t need to push people where you need to be, you have to meet them where…

Devansh Khetrapal
March 23, 2021

What is PPC Advertising and How Effective is It?

How far we’ve come from billboards, flyers, and door-to-door selling. The entire agenda from the very beginning was to…

Devansh Khetrapal
March 11, 2021
Online Marketing

How to Optimize Your Conversion Funnel to Increase eCommerce Sales

Who doesn’t want their eCommerce website to be driving a massive amount of traffic on their website where people…

Devansh Khetrapal
February 13, 2021

Social Commerce: What Is It and Why Should It Concern You?

Let me begin this with a cliché – The future of business is on the internet. We’re all out…

Devansh Khetrapal
January 25, 2021
Social Selling
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