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David Talby, PhD, MBA, is the CTO of John Snow Labs. He has spent his career making AI, big data and data science solve real-world problems in healthcare, life science and related fields.

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Safeguarding the Internet with Natural Language Processing

The Internet is the most prolific technology of our lifetime. We now have the ability to immediately connect with…

David Talby
April 8, 2021
Big Data

Ringing in the New Year: A Look Ahead to NLP in 2021

2020 has been a year of significant growth for Natural Language Processing (NLP). In a recent post, I outlined…

David Talby
January 5, 2021
Tech & Gadgets

4 Trends that Shaped Natural Language Processing in 2020

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an important subset of AI, as its recent growth reflects. According to research from…

David Talby
November 11, 2020
Big Data

Why Open Source NLP Libraries Have the Edge on Cloud Services

The business value of natural language processing (NLP) is indisputable, and there’s never been a time this technology has…

David Talby
September 30, 2020
Cloud Computing
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