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Bridget Brown is on a mission to help small business owners increase their leads by 50% and break free from the tyranny of social media. She is the founder of Create That Copy & Marketing, and a former journalist in some of Canada’s most demanding newsrooms. Bridget is the author of the Whole Team Habits blog. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn. 

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Why Are My Emails Bouncing? Email Authentication for Small Business

Have you experienced lower-than-usual open rates for your email marketing lately? If you open an email marketing campaign and…

Bridget Brown
November 4, 2021
Email Marketing

What Made These Indie Brands Successful?

The world isn’t set up for small businesses to thrive. In fact, the odds are against us. Large corporations…

Bridget Brown
October 20, 2021

Marketing vs. Sales: Which is More Important?

Many people want to know which is more important, marketing or sales. There is a (mostly good-natured) competition between…

Bridget Brown
October 6, 2021

Why Is Authenticity Important in Sales?

Being authentic in your marketing and sales process seems like a no-brainer. You’ve heard it a million times, you…

Bridget Brown
September 28, 2021
Social Selling

3 Key Small Business Marketing Steps

Marketing needs to bring in more money than you spend on it, which I why I stand behind 3…

Bridget Brown
September 14, 2021
Small Business

1 Social Media Platform to Quit

Do I hate social media? No. Do I think small businesses need social media? Also no. That’s a wild…

Bridget Brown
September 4, 2021
Social Media