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Brandon Purdum is content manager, blogger and digital marketing expert at Marca Global. Purdum writes on anything from business reputation management, SEO, digital branding, review management and search marketing to online privacy, privacy protection, email marketing, building brand awareness and digital advertising. Purdum focuses on ways to protect your business from reputation threats, how to build a more visible and robust digital brand, and creating a more competitive brand presence online.

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Why Do I Need Online Business Reviews?

Online reviews. Who needs them, right? It’s not hard to understand why a local business owner would forsake reviews…

Brandon Purdum
July 2, 2020

7 Email Marketing Best Practices That Will Increase Your ROI

As an outreach channel, email marketing offers a great opportunity to connect with your audience, nurture leads and meet…

Brandon Purdum
June 3, 2020
Email Marketing

What to Consider When Rebranding

Are you ready to overhaul your brand? If you’re falling behind competitors or struggling to reach consumers, tweaking your…

Brandon Purdum
May 12, 2020
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