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I'm a back-end developer, and I love to work with email solutions. In my free time, you can find me on a mountain. Founder of Bybrand

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Why Is a Modern Email Signature Important?

With a custom HTML email signature, you are mainly handing out a business card with every email you send.…

Bernardo Castro
August 17, 2021

Know the Additional Marketing Channel with Email Signatures

Email signatures are among the most overlooked aspects of a well-rounded marketing strategy. It’s one way to communicate your…

Bernardo Castro
June 23, 2021

Get More Leads With Your Professional Email Signature

The email signature is the last thing the person receiving your email sees. And, if you’re not smart, it…

Bernardo Castro
June 12, 2021

Use Your HTML Email Signature to Capture Subscribers

A subscribers list is a collection of email addresses you can build by engaging prospective clients through lead-generating campaigns.…

Bernardo Castro
June 8, 2021
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