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I am Web Design Engineer, having interests in doing website designs and digital marketing with focus on conversion optimization. I create web experiences that brings conversations and transforms site visitors into paying customers or leads. 

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8 eCommerce SEO Tips To Improve Your Rankings In 2022

The use of eCommerce websites has never been more in demand than now. People these days are primarily introverts;…

Atul Jindal
January 10, 2022

7 Self-Marketing Tips With Social Media

You have great skills. But the world needs to know about them for you to be able to monetize…

Atul Jindal
August 28, 2021
Social Media

Artificial Intelligence in Modren Ways of Business

When you imagine artificial intelligence (AI), you might think of a synthetic consciousness established by humans shown in sci-fi…

Atul Jindal
August 17, 2021
Business Innovation
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