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Andy is a skilled developer, blogger and tech enthusiast. He has a history of working together with reputable companies on the IT market.

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3 Major Online Advertising Trends for 2022

2022 is getting closer, and it’s likely to be an exceptional year for businesses working in digital advertising. Even…

Andy Donovan
December 8, 2021
Online Marketing

Why & How to Remain Aware of Your Audience Needs in 2021

Undoubtedly the COVID-19 pandemic has changed much in the way B2C businesses interact with their customers both offline and…

Andy Donovan
July 1, 2021

Top 3 Online Video Advertising Trends to Shape 2021

2021 is already here, and yes, making predictions for the year should have been a little simpler task now.…

Andy Donovan
January 14, 2021
Video Marketing

How to Select a Video Ad Server in 2020

Since video advertising is keeping its top positions on the market, running successful video ad campaigns remains a valuable…

Andy Donovan
August 7, 2020
Video Marketing

Top 3 Video Ad Players to Utilize in 2020

The new digital advertising decade is on, and it looks like the industry players are ready to step up!…

Andy Donovan
July 6, 2020
Video Marketing

3 Online Advertising Trends to Dominate the 2020s

2020 is already here, but are we ready for the new decade yet? Even though the digital advertising landscape…

Andy Donovan
February 13, 2020
Digital Marketing
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