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Andrew Zola is a technology journalist who specializes in emerging technologies and their potential impact on greater society. When he isn't contributing to various publications, he's drinking copious amounts of coffee and exploring the world with his four-legged best friend.

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From Idea to Full-Fledged Product Through Accidental User Needs Identification

As a novel coronavirus swept the world in early 2020, thousands of software developers began working from home. Many…

Andrew Zola
November 5, 2021
Product Management

What’s All the Investment Fuss About Cloud Computing?

As data computing needs become more demanding, traditional onsite data storage methods prove outdated. Just like the iconic line…

Andrew Zola
September 29, 2021
Cloud Computing

5 Effective Solutions to Reduce Custom Software Development Costs

How much does it cost to develop robust custom software? As you’ve probably guessed, it’s all relative. Costs can…

Andrew Zola
January 21, 2021

Job Seekers: What Are the Best Job Boards for Software Developers and Engineers?

The pandemic set off an explosion of re-skilling and up-skilling endeavors online. Some, like myself, began learning how to…

Andrew Zola
October 20, 2020
Human Resources

3 Warning Signs That Your Remote Workers Are Underperforming

In recent years remote working has grown from strength to strength. After COVID-19, it’s now almost the norm. In…

Andrew Zola
August 21, 2020
Human Resources

C-Suites Share Their Perspective on Living Through and Moving Past COVID-19

If this were any other year, we would be planning our summer holidays, but overnight, much of what we…

Andrew Zola
May 1, 2020
Crisis Management

How to Find a Custom FinTech Development Provider That Will Deliver

New technologies in banking are continuously transforming the financial services industry. In the next few years, traditional banks will…

Andrew Zola
February 17, 2020

IoT Security Threats in Retail: How Do We Eliminate Them?

The number of smart connected devices on the Internet, including cameras, machines, and sensors, has grown exponentially. According to…

Andrew Zola
February 6, 2020

3 Reasons Why You Hire the Wrong IT Staff and How to Get It Right

The global tech talent shortage is relentless and shows no signs of slowing down. As the adage goes, “desperate…

Andrew Zola
January 25, 2020
Human Resources
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