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Anand Srinivasan is the founder of Hubbion, a project management tool targeted at small businesses.

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12 Amazon Alternatives For People Shopping Online

Amazon has been in the news lately for not-so-good reasons. Jeff Bezos has been accused of hiring trolls to…

Anand Srinivasan
July 7, 2021

The 10 Best Product Review Apps for Shopify

Shopify is by far the most popular eCommerce platform today, used by more than 1.7 million merchants worldwide. A…

Anand Srinivasan
June 2, 2021

6 Ways to Accelerate New Employee Onboarding and Increase Retention

Hiring top candidates requires a lot of planning, strategy and investment. Despite putting a lot of effort in sourcing,…

Anand Srinivasan
January 14, 2021
Human Resources

Manage a Distributed Team With These 5 Types of Tools

Remote working has been growing in strength for more than a decade now. The pandemic has only accelerated this…

Anand Srinivasan
December 28, 2020

How Chanty Beat HubSpot and Medium to Rank #1 For Their ‘Money’ Keyword

Each month, more than 6600 people from around the world search for “Slack alternatives”. All these searches come from…

Anand Srinivasan
October 18, 2020

5 Must-Have Tools For Sales Professionals

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of businesses to switch to telecommuting. Even as many cities across the…

Anand Srinivasan
May 28, 2020
Sales Management

Top 5 Website Builders For Freelancers and Agencies

For decades, web design agencies have relied on a standard process for getting websites online: Designer creates layout and…

Anand Srinivasan
March 31, 2020
Web Design

3 Tools to Automate Your Business Operations

Business automation is changing the manner in which brands operate, enabling them to do more in ways there have…

Anand Srinivasan
January 21, 2020
Small Business