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Anand Mahajan is Founder & CEO of Sphinx Solutions, he continuously driving creativity and tech innovation with an eye towards the future of digital experience, after completing masters from a reputed university Anand started Sphinx Solutions and till now he successfully guides and helped more than 100 startups. 

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Challenges, Importance, and Stunning Use Cases of Machine Learning Mobile Applications

Snapchat filters that make you look picture perfect. Tinder adds love to your life. Tesla car driving itself. Financial…

Anand Mahajan
April 2, 2021
Mobile & Apps

How to Convert Your Website to An App (And 7 Reasons to Take the Leap)

With constantly evolving technology, the dynamics of doing business have changed considerably. Studies have shown that 80% of shoppers…

Anand Mahajan
March 2, 2021
Mobile & Apps

How Much Money Can You Earn With Your App In 2020?

You might have heard people telling you how they’re building the next big app. For some reason, the ‘app’…

Anand Mahajan
October 31, 2020
Mobile & Apps

How AI Influences eCommerce Business

“I believe that artificial intelligence is going to be our partner. If we misuse it, it will be at…

Anand Mahajan
April 11, 2020

Robotic Process Automation Transforming Enterprises: Latest Trends and Insights

Robotic Process Automation is on the top of the list as enterprises look for capabilities to manage regular and…

Anand Mahajan
February 5, 2020
Business Innovation
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